How to make a new email?

Written By: Samia Arif

 Email is the exchange of text messages that are stored in computers using telecommunication. These messages can be text messages, photos, audios or any other digital files, its considered the most popular use for the internet, as a very large percent of the overall use of the internet depends on sending and receiving emails, also it was one of the first uses of the internet. Need A Ride?

How to make a new email

How it differs from the normal mail:

There are many benefits for emails that make it more practical than regular mail, from these benefits that it requires nothing more than the fees of being connected to the internet, also the process is very fast and you can also attach files like photos or documents in the message, it also has the ability to save and store messages for a very long time, as they are electronically saved on your computer, not on paper, it’s also considered eco-friendly as it doesn’t need any paper or equipment. Need A Ride?

How to create a new email?

Many website and companies provide the service of emails and each differs from one another in the benefits they provide to the customer, some provide unlimited storage space for the messages, others protect spams and many other advantages, some of these sites include:Book your low cost airfare with


Google provides email service called “Gmail” this service provides protection against spams as well as automatic sorting of received messages, each message is sorted in the appropriate tab, also the customer can benefit from the web page they provide, the customer can log into his mail through any mail app, to make a new mail on Gmail follow these steps:

· Go to

· Follow the steps on the screen to make a new email and there are certain rules on choosing your user name; it can’t be used before by another person, or close to one even if the other user name has been deleted also some names have been forbidden as they can be used in the form of disturbing messages.

· Log in to Gmail through the account you have created.

Yahoo mail:

Yahoo mail from yahoo is considered one of the oldest in the email business, it provides many benefits for its customers as unlimited storage for the messages and also automatic filtering of the received messages, to make a yahoo mail follow these steps:

· Go to 

· Press the word “mail” and then “sign up”.

· Enter the needed information in its place as written on the screen.

· Press continue to move to the next screen.Search for vacation rentals in Athens.

· Press “text me a code” to receive a text message on your phone number you have entered before as this text has a code to confirm your identity, enter this code then press “submit code.

· To log into your new account press “let’s get started”


Outlook email service provides unlimited storage for emails, also can automatically filter emails, also when connecting your mail to sky drive the customer can attach files as big as 300 MB, you can check your email through the web page or any mail app on their smartphones or laptops, to create an email on Outlook follow these steps:

· Go to the new Microsoft website 

· Enter your first name in “first name ” and last name in “surname”.

· Enter your date of birth in “birth date” and sex in “gender”

· Enter your user name in “user name “

· Enter your domain name in “domain name “

· Enter your password and then reenter it one more time 

· Enter your phone number and a backup email address if there is one, this information is used to protect your email.

· Enter the random codes in “CAPTCHA”.Extremely Cheap Last Minute Flights up to 51% Off on ETripmakers



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