How to Google at Google

Written by Samia Arif

Google search method

Google’s main search engine has the following URL: (, where most people resort to this address in order to benefit from Google search engine, You must go to the Google homepage via this link, then type one or more keywords in the search field, after that click the Google search icon until the search results appear 1. Fly for less with Skyscanner

Google Search Codes

Certain codes are used to obtain search results with special attributes in Google, some of these codes are the following 2:

· quotation marks: Quotation marks (” “) are commonly known basic tricks to search for a particular phrase.

· The minus sign: The words to be excluded from the search can be determined by the minus sign, as the search for multiplication tables except for the nine tables, by typing the following in the search box (multiplication tables – table 9).Bose FR Homepage

· Tilde sign: The tilde sign (~) looks for words related to the searched word.

Google Search Features

Google search requires adding some descriptive words in the search field, such as adding the place name if one is searching for a particular area. Google provides some services when you search, which are:3Skyscanner

· Voice Search; If the user is getting tired of the writing method, he can use voice search, it’s by clicking on the microphone signal.

· Do not worry about misspellings; Google’s automatic checker automatically corrects misspelled words, so you should not be concerned when you type the wrong word in the search field. 

· Viewing a set of results for answering the question, It is to be noted that some information is not available for all regions.
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