How to erase YouTube record


Clear YouTube history via the web

You can delete your YouTube search history via the internet by following these steps:

  • Open the YouTube page after logging in.
  • Click the three-bar code icon, and then click the History option, and then the Search History option.
  • Clear a search entry by clicking the iconX On the left.
  • Click the Clear All Search History option.

Clear YouTube record from the mobile phone

The YouTube record can be scanned via the YouTube application on your mobile phone by following these steps:

  • Open the YouTube app, go to the YouTube homepage, and if you do not sign in you must do so by entering your mobile number, e-mail address, and password.
  • Click on the user’s account page icon, which appears to be on the top left or bottom of the page, and can be a picture of a person’s header file, or the first letter of a user’s name.
  • Click Settings located in the middle of the drop-down
  • Go down, and click Clear watch history, in the section on history & privacy for Android devices, consider first clicking on the Registry and Privacy section.
  • Click the clear WATCH HISTORY option, to confirm the request, and for android click
  • Click the (Clear search history) option located down the option of viewing a survey record.
  • Click on the clear SEARCH HISTORY option to confirm the request.

Pausing your YouTube history

Pausing YouTube Search History prevents the site from temporarily tracking search entries, with the option to reactivate this option again. This can be done through:

  • Open YouTube via a web browser.
  • Click the tab
  • Click the PAUSE WATCH HISTORYoption located at the top right of the page.


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