How to download a video from the internet

 Download video from the internet

 sometimes you want to watch your favorite videos or those you need in your work or studies without being connected to the internet, this requires downloading the video on your laptop, one of the most famous websites for videos is YouTube, where you can download and share millions of videos on YouTube about different subjects, and in different languages, it was founded in 2005, its one of the websites owned by Google, it’s a website that can be used from nearly any place around the world, you can download the video in more than 50 languages, its considered the first website where videos can be shared on a large scale, it allows users to see videos when they are connected to the internet, but they can also download the video and watch it when they are not connected to the internetFly for less with Skyscanner

 Downloading videos from YouTube

 this is how to download videos from YouTube to your smartphone, or tablet, whether it’s an iPhone or AppleiPad

 • first, you have to download an app called “Readdle” on your iPhone or iPad from the app store

 • open “Readdle” after being downloaded

 • open “safari” which is found in the form of the compass at the left bottom part of the app window

 • write “” in the address bar at the top of the window then press “go” present at the bottom right on the keyboard Carmel #1 Car and Limousine Service in America

 •press “home button” present in iPhone or iPad

 • open “safari” and go to “YouTube”

 • lookup for the video you want to download then press “share” which is an arrow that goes to the right

 • press on the video’s link after that share window has appeared, keep pressing till the options list appear, then choose a copy to copy the video’s link

 • press the “home button” and go to files

 • press on the square to add the video’s link, the keyboard will appear on the screen, keep pressing `till the options list appear, choose “paste” so the video’s link will be posted in the square, on pasting the video’s link, the video should be viewed

 • a green button will appear at the bottom of the video, which is the downloading button, another list will appear to determine the video’s quality, and you have to choose the quality of the video

 • enter the videos name in “save file” then press “done”

 • after that, the video will be downloaded on iPhone or iPad and it will be found in the downloads fileBose FR Homepage

 • after downloading the video, you can press the video’s name that would be opened in the files, if it starts working you can stop it then leave

Downloading video to a smartphone or tablets that work by Android 

 there is no good way to do it, but the most ideal way that has been found is to download “TubeMate”, here is how to download “TubeMate” and how to download a video through it,

 • go to to download TubeMate after going to one of the downloading sites which are known to be safe

 • press download

 • press I agree on the message that appears saying that this app may cause damage to your device

 •press open after the download has been done

 • a message will appear saying that installation is forbidden, in case no other app has been installed from outside the store before, so you have to go to settings and press “unknown sources” then press “I agree”

 • open the app after finishing the downloading process and agreeing to rules of useSkyscanner

 • go to the video you want to download on YouTube app, press on the download button which is a green arrow present below the upper bar of TubeMate

 • choose the video’s quality from the list that appears, press the audio button if you only want to download the audio-only

 • after picking the video’s quality, press the green button to download

 • download MP3 if it is asked, then repeat the same steps

 • the video will appear in downloads, where it can be easily opened

 Download a video from Facebook

 if you want to download a video from Facebook that you have shared, do these steps; these steps can be done only through a laptop, not a smartphone

 • open Facebook and go to photos

 • select the part of the video that you want to download through pressing on the lower part of the cover photo, then press “more”

 • press on the video’s link that is present in your video album

 • look for the video you want to download

 • move the mouse to the video, press edit and move present in the upper left part of the video

 • choose to download the video in the form of HD or SD from the list that appears, the video can’t be downloaded in the form of HD unless it was recorded as HD, if not it will only appear in the form of SDSkyscanner’s daily flight deals up to 55% off

 Download video through Google Chrome

 to download videos from any website on the internet through Google Chrome where it allows downloading videos through

 • open “Google Chrome”

 • download “get them all” United Airlines flight deals

 • press” add to chrome” then “add extension”

 • go to the web page where the video is present

 • press add which is found in the form of a blue arrow present beside the address bar

 • press Video/Flash and mark the video’s link, choose the video’s quality then press “download”

 • choose the file where you want the video to be saved and press “save”

 Download video from Firefox

 to download any video on your laptop from Firefox, follow these steps

 • open “Firefox” then “download helper” and then a button called ” video download helper” in the title bar

 • go to the page where the video is found, play the video

 • press “video download helper”, determine video’s quality 

 • choose where you want to save the video, its name, and press “save”

 Download video from Opera Need A Ride?

 Opera allows downloading videos from different websites on your laptop, follow these steps

 • open “opera” then go to Opera’s adding page

 • write ” flash video downloader” in the search bar then click on “flash video download”, then press add to Opera which is a green button, press “install” this will allow downloading videos from different sites including YouTube  Need A Ride?

 • surf through Opera, and when you find the video you want to download, press the blue button that is present in the title bar, a list will appear to choose from different forms, you can choose MP4 or FLV, use HD or SD

 • press download which is the blue color present beside the video that you want to download, press on the link using the right side of the mouse then press save

 • enter the files name, add the determined extension at the link’s top to be saved on the laptop, to make it clear, if the file’s name was video and the guides said it has to be named .flv so the file has to be named video.flv 

 • press save and the downloaded video can be watched through ” video media player”Extremely Cheap Last Minute Flights up to 51% Off on ETripmakers


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