How to delete your email forever?

How to delete Yahoo mail: 

 You can delete your Yahoo mail by following these steps: 

 • Go to this link

 • Enter your email address and your password.

 • Read the page of “please consider the following information before continuing” that contains the information you need to know before deleting. Need A Ride?

 • Press “Continue”.

 • Enter your email address one more time.

 •Press “yes terminate this account”

 • This message will appear “your account has to be deactivated and scheduled for deletion”. Need A Ride?

 • You can activate the account after deactivating it and this can be done within 40 days from deleting it, and it will be activated one more time, and people can send emails to it one more time, and you can’t read any messages that reach the mail while being deactivated.

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 you can delete your by: 

 • Go to “home” then “my account”.

 • Press on the “delete account” present on the right side.

 • Press “delete account”

 • Enter your password.

 • Press “save changes”.

 • Your account will be deleted for security reasons and it will be banned for 6 months and this means that one can sign up using this mail address during that period.

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 you can delete your Gmail by following these steps: 

 • Sign in to Preferences Page.

 • Press “Delete Products” and this may require signing in one more time.

 • Press “Delete” next to the Gmail icon.

 • Follow the steps that will appear on the screen and then choose” Remove Gmail”.Search for vacation rentals in over 12,000 destinationsFlipKey

 • On deleting your Gmail, you can’t use your mail address by the user or any other person and the messages will be deleted.

 Deleting your Hotmail: 

 you can delete your Hotmail by following these steps:

 • Open and enter your login info to open your email.

 • Go to “Microsoft account closure”.

 • Follow the instructions that will appear on the screen to check the user’s identity.Travel in style. For less than a hotel. Search for vacation rentals in over 12,000 destinations.

 • Make sure that the account you are logging into is the Hotmail account, if not you have to choose ” sign in with a different Microsoft account” and when the right account appears press” next”.

 • Read the list and make sure you understand every item on the screen then choose a reason for closing your account from the shown list.

 • Press “Mark account for closure”.

 • When you delete your account, the messages that will be sent to that email will go back to the sender as an error. After 6 months that email address can be used by another person.Cheap Flights, Discount Flight Tickets on skytrolly


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