How to create a free website


How to create a free websiteChoose a host site

In this step, a site is selected to place images, files, and all documents for the Web site to be created.

There are many free hosting sites, which sometimes do free maintenance for the free sites they host, but they have some drawbacks to lack of storage space.

Specify the website domain

The desired name of the website is chosen, which expresses its meaning, purpose, and the choice of its domain by selecting the associated extension.

The cost of establishing it is between eight and thirty-five dollars a year.

  • Com: a commercial abbreviation, related to commercial sites, the most common.
  • Net: a Network abbreviation, which is a networking site, used in sites that provide services.
  • Org: an Organization abbreviation, related to the locations of non-commercial organizations, such as international organizations.

Website layout

The site is planned, and a map is created showing its content, as content should be carefully chosen, as it is the key element for attracting users, which results in its success.

Website design

The design of the site is the most difficult and complicated step, starting with the selection of the target segment, in addition to a plan showing the course of things, the date of delivery, the choice of the language in which the site is programmed, and plans to be discussed between the team that creates the site containing everything that the site contains in detail, in a structured and orderly manner.

How to create a free website

Publishing the Website

The site is published after the completion of the design process, and the completion of all related content, which is then published by the site hosting it, In addition to promoting it through good marketing, which increases the demand for it.

Maintain the Website

This step involves regular and continuous maintenance of the website to keep it up-to-date with all the updates in the world, to increase the features it contains and to be attractive, as good, unique content is most important in creating a website.


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