How to Blog

The blog
It is a Web page based on its link to a website, which provides blogging, or blog design, and is also known as interactive content within the Internet, similar to the idea of web pages that make up websites, the blogs provide comment property, and feedback on Topics published.GroundLink

The idea of blogging is based on written articles, but electronically, and is directly connected to the Internet, and the author or author of the blog publishes a collection of text-containing publications, images on different topics, and each publication has a specific date on which the blog post is based, so the publications within the blog are transformed into the archive section.EASILY BOOK, TRACK, AND ORGANIZE GROUND TRANSPORTATION

Genesis Blogs
The advent of blogging dates back to 1999 through blogger Peter Mirholz, who created a Web page on the Internet as a weblog, which contributed to transforming the word blog into a novel English language, which became known among internet users later, as an electronic means by which Contribute to free Web publishing Free flight comparison with Skyscanner

Blog components:
A single blog consists of a core set of components:
the blog title: The code’s main name, which indicates the nature of its contents, or may indicate its author, or the body responsible for editing it. Blog contents: All of the components that comprise the blog, from the text, images, videos, and more.
Article categories: A collection of sections, or topics that classify blog publications as relying on them.
Comments: All the opinions of the people who follow the blog, the blogger can choose a group of individuals to comment, or leave the comment available to everyone.Flight Deals?

Date: The section in which the publications of the Code are distributed based on specific dates, divided into daily, monthly and yearly classifications
Blog features
Several features, including:
The user of the blog can publish several texts in them.
Possibility of changing its design, adding a set of images, and its colors.
The ability to link to the website of the blogger.Search flights with Skyscanner

Interactive, because it attracts a lot of people over a short period.
It can be divided into a group of sections, based on the choice of the blogger

How to Blog
For the Internet user to create his own blog, he has to do the following things: Book now Best Airfares to Europe!

Choose a website to host blogs from specialized websites, such as Google, Bing, or others.
From the top of the blog site page, you click the Create blog or Account option. Find the best hotels in Paris with Skyscanner!

The user writes his/her own information: name, date of birth, the password for the blog, email, etc.
The user adds the information about the blog, including its address, a description of the nature of the publications, their design, etc.
Apply all the options that the blog creation site requires to be fully created.
Once the blog becomes operational, the blogger can add his first publication on his blog, share it on his website, or on a social media site.
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Written by: Samia Arif