How to become an Android developer


Android developerMany people want to become software developers, especially Android, so they have to learn all about Android and read all the information about applications running this operating system, such as the Google Play Google Play application.

Then perform an investigation into all the programming languages, platforms, and tools that may be used when starting the development process and focus on Java, Kotlin, Android Studio, and all SDK tools as they will be part of the application developer’s journey.

After that, you have to find the right learning method for Android development. When you search for it online, the options will be many and varied. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the most appropriate and meet the needs and requirements, where e-learning has become one of the best learning methods in the development of programs.

But the advice here is to take a training course from a specialized institute to obtain a certificate of eligibility for the developer for future functional purposes. After obtaining the Android Developer Course, several strategies should be considered that will make Android development skills useful, such as finding a job that requires someone familiar with the operating system of cellular devices because it is a function that grows continuously.

Android Developer Tools

Every program developer, such as Android, needs to use several tools, including:

  • The SDK and its tools, which include:
    • Traceview: which allows the user to place what was executed from the project in a particular file.
    • Android: where access is provided to the Android SDK application manager and the AVD application manager.
    • Hierarchy Viewer: Allows the user to visualize the hierarchy and application view to find inefficiencies.
    • Pixel Perfect: Allows the user to scan (UI) closely to help with design and construction.
    • DDMS: Provides debugging features.
    • ADB: Provides access to a tab (device) of the development system.
    • ProGuard: Allows performing many tasks such as (opacity, shrink, optimization).
  • The author of the codes, which consists of the following advantages and manifestations:
    • Graphical Layout Editor: Edit and design XML layout files using the drag-and-drop interface.
    • Android Manifest Editor: Edit Android menus with a simple graphical interface.
    • Menu Editor: Edits menu groups and items using a simple graphical interface.
    • Resources Editor: Edit resources using a simple graphical interface.
    • XML Resources Editor: Edit XML resources with a simple graphical interface.
  • Resource linking improvements.

The advantages of Android application

Android developer

The following are the most important advantages of Android software:

  • It is low cost.
  • Availability of applications and software available to all.
  • It is linked to social networking programs.
  • It is easy to handle for developers.
  • It allows quick identification of user-friendly features.


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