How to avoid the iPhone battery draining quickly

iPhone battery executes quickly

The user of the iPhone can prevent the battery from draining quickly by following some tips related to this order, including the following:

    • Updating applications: Updating iPhone apps may lead to longer battery life. Software updates often contain advanced power-saving technologies.
    • Do not expose the iPhone to high heat: make sure not to expose the iPhone to a temperature of more than thirty five degrees Celsius, as this will lead to a decrease in battery life, it is worth mentioning that the best temperatures that the device is designed to adapt are the grades between 16 to 22 Celsius.Fly for less with Skyscanner

    • Disconnect the device from the charger if it becomes hot: The user should disconnect the iPhone from the charger if it seems that the device has increased its temperature.
    • Charging to a certain extent: The iPhone user should not charge the iPhone battery to full capacity as this reduces the battery life.

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How to check the iPhone battery status

The user of the iPhone can check whether the battery is good or not, by doing several steps, these steps are as follows:

    • Go to the iPhone “Settings” menu.
    • Select “Option Battery” from the visible list.
    • Click on the “Battery Health” option, and there are several options within the menu. Within this option is the maximum capacity option which indicates the capacity and capacity of the battery when it is new. Another option is “Peak Performance Capacity,” this option will display the following message “Your battery is currently supporting normal peak performance” when the iPhone battery is in good condition and has no problems.Book nowBest Airfares to Europe!

How to charge iPhone battery quickly                                                       

The user of the iPhone can accelerate the charging of his device by following some procedures, including the following:

    • Activate the flight mode when charging the iPhone to stop receiving notifications and other things that consume energy.Fly for less with Skyscanner

    • Remove the outer cover of the iPhone, to avoid the warming of the device, as its temperature increases the efficiency of the battery.
    • Charge the battery using the iPad charger instead of the iPhone charger itself.Cheap Flights, Discount Flight Tickets on skytrolly



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