How to activate mobile phone data


activate mobile phone dataA user of an Android mobile phone can activate what is known as “mobile data” by two methods that lead to the same result. These two methods are as follows:

  • Use the list of notifications: The list of phone notifications can be used to activate phone data through which the computer can connect to the Internet. The list of phone notifications can be accessed by dragging from the top of the mobile screen to the bottom, and then select the option to activate the data, which may be apparent by the address Mobile data or data connection or other addresses that refer to phone data.
  • Change settings: Phone data can be activated by changing the settings on your phone, as follows:
    • Access the Android phone setup menu.
    • Access the Wireless & Networks or Networks & Connections menu.
    • Clicking on the Mobile data option or equivalent option as a Cellular data option, and then activating this option to activate phone data.

How to activate Bluetooth

Bluetooth can be activated for a Samsung phone by doing some steps. These steps are as follows:

  • Click on the list of apps on your phone that is referred to as Apps.
  • Open the Settings menu by clicking Settings.
  • Select the Bluetooth option then activate it.
  • Select the device to connect to via Bluetooth, then click the OK button.

How to activate flight mode

Flight mode can be activated on your Android phone by:

  • Open the device’s settings menu.
  • Open the Wireless & Networks menu.
  • Click on the option to display more options and activate the flight mode which is referred to as Airplane Mode.
  • activate mobile phone data


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