How to accelerate computer without programs

The slowness of the computer:

The computer is used in many different aspects of life either at work or home, at school, company or hospital. Its uses may vary according to the aim of using it. So, they should be highly efficient i.e. achievement, speed, efficiency, and performance. Computer users may suffer from slow turning on computer and functioning. It results from using it for a long time. In this article, we will talk about how to make it faster without programs.GroundLink

How to speed up the computer without programs:

 Stopping unimportant programs:

The system tray is on the right bottom of the includes many has a running program on the background. However, they have different functions each program reduces available memory space Moreover, they reduce processing speed .so, you have v

to stop unimportant programs by following these steps:

· Go to windows. enter the search menu. Go to the taskbar then open the gives us all running programs then we can stop any program. We select it by pressing on the end process but be aware of stopping programs of the operating systems.

Stopping programs that 

slow down the device.

There is a tool allows us to stop the automatic running of programs by window boot.

· to go to this tool, click on the start menu. Then run, then enter ms config. The program gives us a list of programs. Then remove the check which is opposite to the program. then press on apply options then ok.v

· Press on the same window on service then chooses to hide all Microsoft services. It shows all other unimportant programs. Press stop all programs. Then restart the computer.GroundLink

Deleting unused programs:

There are unused installed programs. So, it’s better to 

remove it and free memory space by following these steps:

· Go to the system menu then click on the control panel then choose the installed program.

· All installed programs appear. consequently, we can remove any by selecting the program then choose the uninstall the program.

Discard of office tools that we don’t need; transparent windows, 3d buttons, opening effects, opening, and closing window effects are most used on our, follow these steps.

· Go to system properties options then choose advanced options.

· Choose visual effects then adjust for best performance from another window.

· Press on apply options then ok choose window then go back to previous windows then click ok.

Empty recycle bin:

After deleting files, they are saved in the recycle bin. We have to dispose of it permanently.

· Right click on recycle bin icon then click on empty recycle bin option.

Cleaning hard disk:

· Search for clean mgr from the system menu. You can choose hard disk. So, the program searches for unimportant files. It gives a list of programs. you can select unwanted files to delete it.Book nowBest Airfares to Europe!

Deleting files of system boot:

· Go running 

then enter prefer to.

· Select 

group of files from a window that appears and choose to delete it.

Deleting files from browsing:

 Same procedures but enter %tmp%, a new window appears having a group of files to delete. If files can’t be deleted, click skip option.Extremely Cheap Last Minute Flights up to 51% Off on ETripmakers

Written by Samia Arif.