How can you create a successful publication and increase the popularity of your page on Facebook


page on FacebookBefore several months from now, there was a lot of news about the new algorithm applied in the news (News Feed Facebook Site, why?Because they directly affect the access pages to their audiences.”Impressive” button was a source of great concern in the minds of everyone, and became the new headache is to ensure that the page content has been their vision by the user from among1,500 possible story shows him every day.So, if you are not in another page news for your audience, why cost yourself the hassle of interest of the number and manage your likes, comments, ratings, etc.. There is no feasibility of concern and admire this matter.Instead, we should confront it and deal with it, because 96% of the fans do not return to the page after the first impressive brand (if that ).According to the statistics,40% of the total time spent by the user on the web site of social networking (Facebook) is in Page Latest News(except for browsing through the mobile phone).Therefore, about16% of the fans are the only ones who see your posts!But dealing with this matter does not necessarily mean that we must push ourselves to the brink of madness in an attempt to find the desired equation to overcome the machine, as if it were driven behind away with this algorithm, you may lose focus on what is actually in our hands: Our equation.This should be based on the reality of the direct audience and the behavior of the fans. In any case, there are basic instructions and lines of what works and does not work on Facebook; you can experience and adapt to develop your algorithmWe attach below 6 Tips would enhance the arrangement and weight (important) Difference

The elements of the Facebook algorithm named (edgerank):

Before the reference to what may be good, you should know the mechanism of action of the Facebook algorithm.We will present the basics briefly of this algorithm, to understand the reasons behind each proposed action we have.

 If what is edgerank?

Is an algorithm used by Facebook to determine when and what publications will appear in the Page Latest News of each user.Consisting of three variables: Equation

page on Facebook

Convergence (Harmony):

This variable is based on the type of relationship to the user with the page or brand (not vice versa), which measure the intensity of that relationship.If the user is associated with the content of a page or certain trademark, the algorithm will try to rearrange the location of the stories from that page and put it in the list of top priorities, as well as a page, the user interaction where there was little or none, measured by: (And manage your likes, or comments, or posts).Facebook has added a change called (last active role”Last Actor”), which tracks the last 50 interaction, and then gives priority to the content of the list.

The Weight (importance):

Is the evaluation system, which allows you to increase or decrease the value of certain operations within site Facebook. Where the comments reflect a certain degree of interaction with the publication(Post), and this is why carrying comment a degree of importance of the “impressive.”There are also different types of publications (Posts), which gives weight to the importance of itself, although the value of the quality of the user’s interaction with the publication can be changed later.Therefore, whenever an important publication, the higher the degree in peace arrangement, and thus the chance of appearing on page Latest News become greater.

 The time decay (morbidity):

This parameter measures the time the extent of the publication, by the attribution of value. This means that it is necessary to constantly, replacing the publication and new publications to your stories or your business in the latest news, to ensure further growth and fame to your pages.Remember that you can use the tools and applications such as Postcron which helps in scheduling and programming your posts, whether it was the site of Facebook or other social networking sites.Formerly the inclusion (Story Bumping feature), which brings together the previous publications that have not been seen by the user, but displayed in Page Latest News, but it is only the user did not scroll to the bottom of the page enough to watch the rest of the news.Ok. What is the scale used by Facebook when conducting an arrangement?The algorithm to respond to user actions and properties by providing the publication or the page:Repeat user interaction with a specific user, or a certain brand, or public figure.The amount of and manage your likes, comments, ratings, obtained by publication in general, friends and fans in particular.If the interaction of my friends consistently with a specific page, it is likely to appear in the list of proposals.The amount of user interaction with a specific type of publications: Do you by pressing the impressive, is participating or puts a comment in pictures, video, or links, or news?By this, you will be presented with specific types of publications more than others.That could be the chances of the new user’s page to appear less, that he had been hiding its publications, or have been reported as the home page is not appropriate by across its viewers. Let us begin!

 What can you do to increase the chances of appearing in another news page on Facebook?

The most successful publications have the following characteristics:

The visual attractions:

Get photo albums on the interaction of more than 180%. Where pay people to click on the album to see more pictures.Photos and Videos Get More interaction by 100%- 120%.

Be brief:

Where you get publications containing 100- 250 characters to greater interaction by 60% of And manage your likes, comments, and reviews.

The request for participation of fans:

Any to offer simple questions, or request of fans to end the specific phrase more interaction by 90%.

Those who share the concerns which talk about identification:

As noted in the publication, logical to publish things about your products or with your brand, but it is also important to pamper your customers or encourage your useful information draws attention, which offers something of value to their daily life.What was that you say or share it should mention the identity should feel at home when visiting your pages. All these things are of great importance.

 Does not contain links in brief:

Believe it or not, but statistics show that this is true, it is through extensive research conducted by BuddyMedia shows that:

– The amount of interaction becomes more three times of publications that use a link to the full.
This means that people trust the link, which contains full details which show them where to Seoul them this link exactly, more than the link that has been shortened and became unconscious of those details and information.We interviewed the director of the very successful Chilean page (certified to more than 3 million ADMIRATION), the verification of this information personally.In the pages of the pages of the other, and after use certain tools of a shortcut to the links, he noted a decline in the arrival of those publications, and thus the decline in page also. Again, this is one of the cases of (Believe it or not).It should be noted that the director of the page that we mentioned earlier Joseph had to follow every step of the steps mentioned above, and managed to develop its equation, and succeeded like a charm.It also traced the growth of photography closely using Postcron tool, and we celebrate this, including that the success of the user software لأداتنا is a success for us also.

Those who spread in time:

Also reviewed in a previous article about the best times for publishing are the periods which had posted the largest percentage of interaction on the page.Once again, will quote from BuddyMedia which confirms that the intuition, logic, and good governance are the best way to determine the best times for publication.In any case, it should be your experience and analyzed using special visions of facebook accordingly, continue to move forward in the direction proposed by the fans of your page.
The pages to develop publications during the hours of work to get the interaction of more than 20%.To simplify this even more, She left quickly with some of the ideas of John لوومر, who expresses himself always such tact:
“Conclusion: Do not pant after behind the algorithm. Many complaints pages managers stem from their sense of the need to change once again. It was said to them that the participation of the miniatures and photos of the funny “mems” is the solution, and they have to request and manage your likes, comments, ratings for more interaction and APPEARING often in another page the news. Here is the problem, when pursuing this method, you give priority algorithm at the expense of content. Therefore, crushed that algorithm. Anas hurry.”Means to focus your efforts on the recommendations, are carrying the successful equation, if consider back always to see what will happen to the algorithm, will be absent from your mind what is happening to you already.

A summary of the concepts:

  1. The current elements in the Facebook algorithm are The similarity, relevance and time decay.
  2. Criteria for the classification of a publication and a page on:
  • The relationship between the user and page and publications.
  • The relationship between the community of observers in general and page and publications.
  1. Any publications have the greatest opportunity to be in the best rank, and appear in another page news?

The simple answer is:

  • Publications that are visually attractive, concise, and invites fans to participate.
  • Publications that are relevant, and do not contain links to brief, and published in the appropriate times, which fans when published present on the site.
  1. Do we need to push ourselves to madness?

Both, what we need is the experience and observation and attention to the behavior of the reactions of the fan.
Create different types of publications, and RAMPING and promoted, then let the fans show you algorithm.




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