Hitler 15 interesting information about a man who wanted to conquer the world!


What you do not know about Hitler: 15 interesting information about a man who wanted to conquer the world!

Every now and then, there are those who look like some dictators (or those who seek it) with Adolf Hitler, and in this is a great insult to Hitler in fact! We will know why after a while.

Hitler may be a devil, but I cannot hide my admiration for him. A homeless man who makes his own way out of street life to the point where the history of the world changes forever. It must impress!

Here’s what you do not know about Adolf Hitler

Although he was the leader of Nazi Germany, Hitler was born mainly in Austria! His relationship with his mother was very strong, but he was in contrast to his father, who was very cruel in his treatment, because he wanted Hitler to follow the path that would lead him to work as a customs officer like him, but the latter refused because he wanted to become a painter, Kfahi “that an artist misunderstood around him! At that young age, Hitler, like other German Austrians, began to be influenced by the ideas of German nationalism and to express his allegiance to Germany only, and not to the Austrian monarchy ruling an ethnically multi-ethnic people, even using the German greeting Heil and his friends.

Hitler died when he was 14 years old and lived on orphan aid and assistance from his mother. His mother died when he was 18 years old and tried to make his way as a painter in Vienna where he copied the existing landscape On postcards and sells his paintings to merchants and tourists

After being rejected by the Academy of Arts for the second time, all his money had run out. A year later, Hitler lived in a shelter for the homeless, and the following year Hitler settled in a house inhabited by poor workers. During this period, the ideas of pan-Germanism and the fear of the immigrants of the East began to influence the country’s policy and the desecration of racial purity in the control of Hitler.
When World War I broke out, Hitler was in Munich at that time and volunteered as an Austrian soldier in the German army during the war. During this period he continued to paint as well. He managed to survive four years in the war and got the Iron Cross for his bravery. By ThoughtCo.

The real transformation of Hitler’s ideologies began in the way we now know of it after Germany surrendered in the war and considered it a betrayal and a “stab in the back” of the civilian and Marxist rulers. The Treaty of Versailles, signed by the Germans and the official document of the end of the First World War, had very harsh conditions for Germany. It included forcing Germany to recognize its responsibility for the outbreak of war. Germany lost 12.5 percent of its territory, 12 percent of its population and 15 percent of its agricultural production. Of its production and 74% of its iron ore production,
It stipulated that the German army should not exceed 100,000 troops, abolished forced conscription and committed them to pay substantial financial compensation. It was precisely this treaty that was the main motive for all that Hitler did in subsequent years, including his revelation to World War II.

On May 1, 1945, the most powerful dictator of the world – the Fuehrer Adolf Hitler – committed suicide, having known that he was inevitably defeated and that the best way out of this life – and the least painful – was suicide.
Of course, the man committed suicide because he knew that if he had fallen into the hands of his enemies – the Soviets in particular – they would have turned him into the dough, after millions of innocent people had been killed in his invasion of the Soviet Union. Adolf Hitler is still one of the most extraordinary historical figures. Some people around the world still regard him as a great German hero. Others are shrinking their faces just to hear the name of this tyrant, who caused his massive global war in the killing of 60 million people around the world!

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