History of the Mongols


History of the Mongols

The origins of the Mongols to a plateau in Mongolia Gobi desert periphery of northern China, Mongol tribes were living side by side with other tribes and was among a struggle and fight and especially with the Tartars, all tribes worshiped the planets And idols as religion shamanism scattered amongst this religion worships ancestral spirits and provide predators as offerings, despite the conflict between the tribes but they could unite and establish the largest empire in history and in a short time, and had stretched The Mongol Empire of Siberia and the Baltic Sea in the North to the borders of the Northern Arabic Peninsula and the Levant and Palestine to the South, from the Japanese islands and the Pacific from East to Central Europe from the West.

Historians recall that the Mongols were divided into six major tribes and these tribes are:

Small tribe came from Genghis Khan, has been living in the mountains of Karakoram and Supreme People’s beaches.

  • Tribe Alauirat and many tribes lived in the area between Lake Baikal and Unen River.
  • Tribe Alneiman and tribes of Turks who were predominately Mongol character and resided in the far reaches of the West.
  • Tribe Alkrayit and is the most powerful Mongol tribes from the fifth century until a sixth of migration and was living in South Eastern oases of Albaikal Lake and the Gobi desert.
  • Tribe Almarkiit which she possesses Jabbar and strong, she was living in the North of alkrayit.
  • The Tatar tribes were known as David’s descendants and might add to that she was more Mongol tribes’ welfare.

Mughal State

Mongol tribes in troubled and wildly with this disorder there were attempts to unite them, but these attempts were unsuccessful, and historians to find Mongol (bdantsar) could reach the tribal leadership in his cunning as he managed his son (keydo) that increases his subjects and take for himself the title of Khan. And here was the beginning of the establishment of Mughal.

After Genghis Khan to rule the Mongols could expand his empire and divided among his sons (by his first wife) and this was prescribed Mughal legislation, Russia, the Caucasus, Khiva, and Bulgarians (city of Kazan in Russia) and everything that can be combined from the West under Control of his eldest daughter, Joji gghtai West Turkistan of Uyghur (Conso in China) as well as Transoxiana under his control, and Khorasan, Persia and each area can be combined from Arabia and Asia minor under the control of his son aughtai, his son toloi has given him the Mongols and (East Turkestan) and China and all that can be combined.

Mongolians and Muslims

After the Mongol Empire conditions stabilized, a manifestation of Genghis Khan began to retaliate against his enemies who escaped from him and had him meet with Islamic forces especially state algorithm that significantly widened under Aladdin Khiva Shah, Genghis Khan was able to sabotage the state algorithm And to eliminate their armies and power and its inhabitants, during his conquest of the Muslim East, the Genghis Khan of torturing Muslims in various ways and destroyed all but run into him in the Muslim countries.

After the death of Genghis Khan, the State was divided into four sections and began spreading Islam, embraced many Mongolians Islam Berke Khan is the first Mongol Prince enters into Islam and is at that time was the head of the Golden Horde in Russia, Berke was on good terms with religion corner Baibars where Alliance with him, to enter the Mongols in Islam made them suddenly turning of peoples wreaking to humanitarian good loving people.

Mughal campaigns on Muslims

In 651 for migration send Hulako to Iran to fight against Ismailia and to eliminate the State of the Abbasids in Baghdad, Alkan mango has prepared his brother Hulaku precisely for this mission giving him soldiers throwing arrows and use Trebuchets and oil, The Mughal army was a hundred and twenty thousand, Andy went straight towards Iran and torturer Sultana of 653 managed access to Castle doom and opened even Hamedan Lashkar is coming soon from Baghdad to preparation for the open.

Hulako moved to Baghdad to eliminate the Abbasids in 656 , could subdue Baghdad after 40 days of murder and sabotage, killing al-musta’sim Allah Khalifa Abbasids and his house was spared from this invasion, few Muslims, having dominated Hulako  directed towards Damascus and on his way he kill the King triumphant Silvan, Turkey owner Alkamil Mohamed Alhmuthafer in Diyarbakir and carried his head on a Pike because he refused to surrender to him, as he entered Aleppo in 658 Hulagu and killing its population and plunged both Damascus and Gaza, and then the Mughal was able to enchant the women and children and take many spoils of office furniture and cows and sheep.

Battle of Ain Jalut

After the Mughal takeover in Gaza and Damascus the kings prepared a plan to get rid of the Mongol invasion, the first goal was restoring Gaza, so care arming their army and organized the Muslim Army Division into groups each group of 400 soldiers, and with these arrangements for Muslim army met army Mongols And had them prevail, the Mongols began to withdraw and escape from the battle, but the Muslim army led by Bebars Mughal westwards until they reached Ain Jalut (which was extended to the Mongols), an area where the decisive battle that crushed the Mongols, which makes Bebars take Sham and beat the Mongols with ease after this battle Mongols creep stops around the world, North Africa and Europe and Morocco.


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