History of the Gulf War


Arab Gulf Area

The Arabian Gulf region is one of the most regions that have experienced regional tensions and wars between countries. Due to the great oil Gulf states, the region has been the focus of attention for those who aspired to it. They have tried more than once to set up intrigues among their countries and ignite wars and side battles. In order to achieve their own interests, and the result was the outbreak of three major battles in the twentieth century and the twenty-first century, called the Gulf Wars I, II and III? When did those wars happen? What are their causes?

Gulf War I

The outbreak of the first Gulf War started since the beginning of the differences between the two countries, Iraq and Iran on the demarcation of the border between them, and these differences remained unresolved, which led to the tension of bilateral relations between the two countries, especially with regard to the Shatt al-Arab region, As they were seeking to impose full sovereignty over the Shatt al-Arab after they shared it in accordance with Algiers agreement concluded in 1975.

Relations between the two countries strained when the two sides stopped helping each other. And the late Iraqi president Saddam Hussein announced the war once he canceled the Algiers agreement in preparation for the battle to seek full recognition of Iraq’s sovereignty over Iraq’s soil, water, seas and rivers, and to limit Iranian interference in Iraqi affairs.

Gulf War II

The Second Gulf War is the same as the War of the Liberation of Kuwait. It is also called Operation Desert Storm, which broke out on 17 January and lasted until February 28, 1991, and lasted only seven months.

This military conflict between an international coalition consisting of thirty-four countries led by the United States of America in exchange for the Arab Republic of Iraq to seek the liberation of Kuwait from the Iraqi occupation, and this conflict came against the backdrop of the first Gulf War, and the dispute over the stealing of Iraq oil by Kuwait from Iraq wells By drilling but in a slanted manner.

It should be noted that the Security Council imposed economic sanctions on the State of Iraq after the latter invaded Kuwait, and began military maneuvers between Iraq and its allied forces to fire Scud missiles on the territory of Israeli colonization in Palestine.

 Gulf War III

And finally the third Gulf War, which was the actual translation of Western ambitions in the wealth of the nation where the United States alone decided to wage war on Iraq with allegations of possession of weapons of mass destruction, in addition to raising the slogans of false freedom to rid Iraq of their claims of dictatorship and tyranny, and began this war in 2003, The occupation of Iraq by US forces, and then exiting them after the formation of a local government in 2011 AD.


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