Guillermo Marconi


Guillermo Marconi

He was the inventor of the radio. Marconi was born in Bologna, Italy, from a rich family. He succeeded in making a device and went to England. He introduced the device to specialists, scientists, and interested people. He patented it and founded his company.

This scientist is the first man to send and receive radios in all tracks successfully. In 1902, Guillermo made transatlantic signals, and today is a great day in the history of telecommunications, as many warships with obstacles and difficulties can request Help and receive instructions quickly thanks to this experience. In the last years of his life, Marconi developed shortwaves, very short waves, and then died the inventor scientist Guillermo Marconi in Rome.

Life of Marconi

Marconi studied the life of the famous German scientist – Heinrich Hartz – in the field of electromagnetic waves. Then, in 1849, Marconi carried out the non-wired lightning experiments. He built his equipment on a high surface and began sending signals, but his experiments, with most of his wireless work in the desert, developed to test the value of his findings. The Italian government did not care about the scientist’s work. When Marconi was young, Marconi decided to go to school, where he received his first patent for wire lightning and received financial support. In 1897, he founded his limited company in wireless lighting and signals.

Transatlantic message

In 1901, Marconi and some of his aides sent letters via radio from England to Canada, the first wireless communication in history. The wireless communications system was then established in cruising ships; for easy communication with command centers, as well as easy communication between ships with some. This device, invented by Marconi, made it easy for everyone to communicate more than 3,000 kilometers.

Fame of the scientist Guillermo Marconi

Marconi’s world fame grew when his wireless device spread, especially after the ship’s rescue of the Republic ship in 1909 and the Titanic in 1912, where many lives were saved. In the wake of these incidents, government regulations have decided to have wireless devices in large ships, which contain passengers. Hence the name of the world Marconi spread widely throughout the world.

Marconi’s experiences

In the 1920s, Marconi was interested in short and long wavelengths. He and a number of inventors invented the development of commercial radios through long wind waves, which require large, powerful transmitters. In 1932, Marconi invented the first microwave, This invention led to a major revolution in microwave electronic communications.

The stages of his great  life are at points

  1. This child born in Bologna, the inventor of the radio is the son of Annie Giuseppe Marconi, landowner, and property known in the center of the country.
  2. In their rural home, this young man tested his experiments on the radio in 1895, where he managed to send signals for more than two kilometers.
  3. The young man then went to London after his many attempts to convince his Italian government of the importance of inventing the radio failed.
  4. When the chief engineer of the British Post Office, William Bryce, presented him with a wonderful presentation about his invention, but this smart young man Marconi asked for legal advice beforehand. After that, Marconi followed the advice of his family in a patent application. His invention was the first radio in the world.
  5. This device was used and tested legally by the government, through the engineers of the Postal Service, and this amazing invention has sent signals to more than 14 kilometers and this is a record.
  6. This device has spread widely throughout Europe, and then I move around the world later.
  7. A promotional system was developed for this invention, and most newspapers published this invention.
  8. The scientist was thinking in an amazing way. He ordered his team to prepare a set of North American submarines, where he always dreamed of sending transatlantic signals by radio waves by sending signals from England to Newfoundland by a shot.
  9. The Marconi team made three references to Morse code.
  10. Many inventors and skeptical engineers said that these signals would be scattered in space, but this act closed the horns of many. At 12:30 pm January 1901, these three signals were captured in Newfoundland.
  11. After these achievements, Marconi founded his own company in the United States in 1902, which he called the American Radio RCA.
  12. Marconi’s wireless pickup still stands in northeastern London.
  13. By inventing the Marconi world for wireless radio, many criminals have been arrested and brought to justice.
  14. The disaster in the Titanic is a real example of the importance and usefulness of the radio. Most of the 705 people in the vessel were rescued by picking up distress messages from several people in the sunken ship. This wired connection saved the lives of hundreds of people, and despite the collision of the ship with the iceberg, the radio launched CQD distress messages, which means “There is a danger, save us quickly”, as well as SOS which means “Save us from death”. This incident marked the world, Marconi, greatly, and was directed messages describing the hero and the rescuer, where he was honored.
  15. Through his great efforts, and his great achievement, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1909.
  16. In 1926 and from the English base in Chelmsford, the news was broadcast twice a day.

How the radio works

This invention converts the speech into electrical signals through a microphone and then presses these signals through a special amplifier. These signals are then placed on a carrier that is produced by an oscillator. There is a lot of conflicting information about Marconi’s eligibility for invention of the radio, where there is information circulating that when Marconi traveled to the United States; to meet the inventor Nikola Tesla to get to know his scientific achievements, which he seeks to achieve, Tesla provided Marconi with research and designs showing how to invent Radio, and here some scientists say that Tesla is the real inventor of the radio and not Marconi.

It is worth mentioning that the scientist Tesla filed a lawsuit against the Moroccan inventor Amin, who accused him of stealing his invention rights. This is true, it does not diminish the great world Marconi and destroy his other inventions.

The scientist has added to electromagnetic science a lot of studies, research and important plans, and it is also credited with the emergence of the revolution of communication microelectronics, as well as who invented the wireless lightning, which is the only world that sent radiation signals, and received successfully and at different distances.





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