Greek Civil War


Greek Civil War

The civil war in Greece between 1946 and 1949 was fought between the army of the Greek government, which was supported by the United States of America and Great Britain; and the Greek Democratic Army; the military wing of the Communist Party of Greece; supported by Albania and Bulgaria Yugoslavia , And government forces defeated communist rebels.

The Greek rebels were many among the rebels within the democratic army. They fought against the armies of the British and German armies during the Second World War. The civil war came because of the dispute between the left and right poles that began in 1943; as a result of the vacuum in power; Which was dissolved by the end of the Axis occupation.

The civil war in Greece was one of the first conflicts of the Cold War. It was the first example of intervention in domestic politics by a foreign country after the war. The United States provided funding to the Greek government through the Marshall Plan and the Truman Doctrine. After that the Greece joined the NATO ; at the time of desperation to the souls of the rebels because of the split between the Yugoslav President Joseph Bros. Tito, who wanted to continue the war; and Joseph Stalin, who wanted to end the state of war.

That was the first nucleus of civil war between 1942 and 1944 during the Nazi occupation, the government of Greece in exile could not control the internal situation of the country, and then some resistance groups belonging to different political beliefs emerged, from the groups that were then spread the group of the National Liberation Front And its military branch, which is called the People’s Liberation Army of Greece, It was under the control of the Communist Party of Greece.

There were some sporadic clashes due to friction between the resistance factions and the National Liberation Front during 1943 and continued until 1944; until it was agreed to form a government for national unity; and included six ministers of the National Liberation Front.

Athens was the first site of the war on December 3, 1944; shortly after the retreat of the Germans, a bloody battle broke out at the time, and there was support from the British armies; which led to the firing of unarmed people in a march to support the FN; Twenty-eight demonstrators were killed and dozens wounded.

The demonstration organized a protest against the impunity of those who cooperated with Nazism. The battle lasted for thirty-three days and ended with the defeat of the FN. After Britain was aligned with the Greek authorities, a treaty known as Varkiza was signed; Which put an end to the control of the leftist organization.T he army was partially disarmed by the army and the National Front became under the control of the Communist Party of Greece.

Government forces suffered several setbacks between 1946 and 1948, but the increase of US support and the failure of FIS; led to the victory of government forces eventually which led to Greece’s membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and a security institution against communism have been established.



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