Google Keep


It is a unique tool for recording user notes so that all the notes, tasks, reminders and photos that the user wants to save can be saved in an organized and easy-to-view manner. The user can add voice reminders by recording them, which works on computers, tablets, and even smartphones.

Google Forms

Google Keep

It is one of the tools that can be accessed by creating a user’s account on Google Drive, and it is a specialized tool for creating questionnaires, surveys, and multiple-choice tests.

Google Duo

It is a tool provided by Google to provide video call service on Android and iOS mobile phones. This tool requires only a phone number to identify the contacts that own this application. High quality.

Google Calendar

It is used to arrange user time events, invite others to participate, or even compare them to other users’ calendars; the user can create more than one calendar and then display them all within a single window. Each calendar event will appear in a color that distinguishes it from the other. This tool can be used by creating a new account on (Google Account).

Google Docs

It is a tool provided by Google to edit and modify various files, such as Word files, spreadsheets and presentations.

The user can save these files on the Google file system, and then access them from any computer connected to the Internet, this tool provides the ability to exchange files with other users and modify them by more than one user at the same time.

Google Task

Google Keep

This tool can be used to organize a list of tasks and events of the user, by arranging these actions according to their importance and sorting them for personal tasks or tasks related to the work.


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