Four reasons why Android is not perfect



It’s a mobile operating system, Google developed it, and is designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices. It was created for the first time in 2007. It has many features like sending and receiving messages, installing free apps, sharing files and more, but with all its features it has some flaws, which we will mention in this article in addition to how to solve them.

Flaws of android

  • Battery short life: One of the most common issues users face regardless of which device they have with regards to battery drain.
  • System slows down: the main reason here is in the mobile RAM and the significant number of phone
  • Connecting problems especially with the internet.

Other reasons why android is not perfect

  • Four reasons why Android is not perfectSome connectivity problems with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

· The particular sudden crash of App or not working correctly.

· Slow User Interface Along with Occasional Freezes, so the user is forced to restart his phone.

  • Can’t Download Apps from Google Play
  • Sudden shut down of Google play
  • The font is not clear
  • Not being able to watch videos and images if the storage is

How to fix android problems

  • Mobile shut down: Remove the battery from the phone, then reset it, then restart the phone, and if the problem persists, it is preferable to clean the phone from various applications.
  • The difficulty of connecting to wifi: click on “ignore “Wi-Fi network then reconnect with
  • WI-FI SHUTTING DOWN when closing the screen :
    • Solution one: Press Go to setting, then Block mode, and then press Stop Blocking.
    • Solution 2: Press Go to setting, then block calls and messages, then bar calls, then off and cancel messages, and then “not activated.”
    • Solution 3: Press Options, then Call setting, then Additional Settings, then Block Calls, then Voice Calls, and then check all boxes.
  • Difficulty opening pictures and videos: Press Settings, then Application Manager, then select the box above, then search the gallery, and then delete the data and other images in it.
  • Difficulty in sending messages: Make sure you connect to the Internet, then click “Cancel” message, and then resend it.
  • Applications crash down while using them: to solve this issue turn off the phone, and then restarts.
  • Difficulty in opening Google Play Store: Press” Settings,” then “Applications,” then log in to Google Play Store, clean your Cache for the Google Play app.

Written by: Noor Asker


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