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10 Essential tools and apps to follow your website stats

Hootsuite Application

    • Publishing on Facebook page throughout the day may not be tiring, but it is when we need to publish certain materials at certain times, then we will need to use one of the scheduling tools and the Hootsuite service that saves time and effort for any marketer where you can schedule publications published on Me social networking accounts as well as the ability to prepare a report on the performance of each account.GroundLink

  • You can add more than one channel over a network such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus, and you may schedule your publication once to be posted on all accounts at times you choose or prepare in advance, in addition to the possibility of preparing drafts and you can see the statistics and the most publications all the way and follow-up and interaction by the followers.

10 Essential tools and apps to follow your website stats

Buffer Application

    • through the browser or mobile or tablet applications, this tool can help you to schedule publications effectively and on all popular social media channels and this service is characterized by Hootsuite two features:Free flight comparison with Skyscanner

    • The possibility of activating the links shortcut to enable them to give some statistics on publications such as the number of clicks and posts.
    • The possibility of using the Optimal Scheduling tool to analyze the activity of the target audience and to access the best publication times.Search flights with Skyscanner

Feedly Application

    • It is a wonderful application that enables you to follow the news and the latest updates for websites and blogs through the RSS technology all you have to do is register and then choose sites by searching the name of the site and lets you divide and save sites in lists. 
    • For example, a list of technical blogs and a list of sports news is a great app you should use.Flight Deals?

Dropbox Application

· is the application sync files across the cloud and it goes from the definition through it you can keep your files and synchronize with all of your devices as well as the ability to share files through a link for each file or folder, and the service provides other services such as collective editing of documents, and business-specific accounts and companies.Book nowBest Airfares to Europe!

Evernote Application

    • It is a personal assistant that you will never dispense with. It helps you save tasks in an orderly manner, and makes it easy to write ideas for content from a simple publication on the media to a long article of your blog. 
    • you can also collect cuttings from Web pages, reference articles, and even images with a single click of a button. You can also shorten the time and easily prepare a stylish presentation and share it with the staff for feedback.Find the best hotels in Paris with Skyscanner!

Trello Application

· is a user-friendly, easy-to-use project management application that enables you to divide your projects into panels and then divide the work sections or project completion stages into columns and each column contains a task or note that you can assign to a specific person and put time for delivery as well as attach and upload files through the camera C. With Triello You can customize the paintings as you wish.

Facebook Pages Manager app

· A standalone application from Facebook development enables you to manage your Facebook pages through your phone. You can schedule and publish publications and photos, create events, reply to messages, see statistics about the page, and many features.Fly for less with Skyscanner

Facebook advert app

  • Because of the stringent Facebook policies that dramatically reduce the reach of publications, there is a need to use paid advertising services provided by the company, especially with new start-ups, to achieve greater access to targeted segments of users.
  • The function of this app is to manage your advertising campaigns by which you can track campaign activity, stop and run campaigns, and make adjustments and many distinctive features through your phone.

Google Analytics App

    • It is surprising that this app is officially available for the phone and from Google Development, and using it now all you have to do is sign in to your account and then you can follow the activity of your site through your phone.
    • Numbers such as real-time visitors, traffic sources, user interaction methods within your site, comparing today’s results with the results of the previous day, and can access weekly, monthly or customized results as well, and results related to your business and sales if your site is an online store.Fly for less with Skyscanner

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Application

· A free app that enables you to add effects to images with a single click plus the free Adobe Photoshop Express application to easily make the necessary adjustments to images before they are published and are easy to use unlike the desktop version of the app that needs to be experienced to make adjustments this The phone version is easy to use.Bose FR Homepage


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