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starting projects onlineHow to design the logo at the lowest cost… If not free!

The logo is one of the primary things of your emerging project, no matter what, it is the symbol that distinguishes your project and your brand that will be marketed, published and defined for people to develop the project, the motto of the project merely is its identity.Global companies invest thousands of dollars (up to a quarter million and more!!) in the industry and publish their logos and brand identities because they know that this slogan distinguishes them from others, which people see on their products and know that this product is from that company!The methods of acquiring logos vary, and their prices vary, ranging from a few thousand dollars to $5… And remember you’re getting what you pay for, today we’ll see some of the ways you can get a good logo that reflects your emerging project and distinguishes it.

Logo Design Sites

There are websites dedicated to logo design and everything that is related to it; the logo is not only on the products! It is on the pages of social networking sites and the clothes of employees and the devices… So there are companies whose only job is to make the logo of your projects and brand.

Designs 99

  • 99designs website can’t be considered as a website for logo design only! It designs your brand entirely from the small logo you place on your products and business cards and ends up in the clothes, location, social pages, and advertising banners of your company employees… !
  • Using 99designs, you are making the identity of your entire project, not just its logo…
  • The site gives you a lot of high-quality designs made with creativity and innovation, and guarantees you full ownership rights and the authenticity and uniqueness of the logo, do not find what happens in other sites from stealing the designs of other logos and present them as original designs or use templates ready to make logos, as well as Guarantee your owner’s return in case you don’t like the logo.
  • What is wrong with this site (which we consider a defect) is its high prices that start with $300 for the logo only without any additions, but always remember “you get what you pay for”


  • A straightforward site to get your logo right, you can get your logo in just a few minutes, and at a reasonable price, the site is not professionally 99designs of course, but it is still good.
  • The site asks you for the name of your brand, then you go through some questions and select the lines that suit you, then the site builds the logo based on what you choose… Here the logo will not be authentic in the sense that its industry may be using some ready-made templates.

starting projects online


  • One of the best websites that allow you to design the logo you want “free” and yourself!
  • All you have to do is choose the design you like, add photos and some shapes from a very large collection of images and then add the name of your emerging project and modify the font, color, and .. And so I finished! Just download the logo and use it.


  • is one of the best online banner-making Web sites, you can create your logo in just a few minutes and allow you to browse thousands of amazingly customizable logo templates.
  • After you choose your project type, the site generates many designs that fit the project, you can download one of these ready-made logos directly, or you can modify them and customize them according to your taste and then upload them.
  • Once you have finished designing your logo, sign in to the site and then drive it, you will find it in a compressed file next to 6 other logo designs; you find a design with transparent background and another with mirrored logos.
  • Although the logo is of low quality if you like it you can get it in high quality and raster type by spending a few dollars.

Other useful logo design sites:

  • Sam Wasserman
  • Squarespace Logo
  • Thefreelogomakers
  • com

Free work Sites

You can get your logo by hiring one of the logo designers from the different free work sites, which distinguishes this method that it allows you a large number of choices in terms of price and designs and what really distinguishes it is that you can explain the idea of the project to the designer and let him do his work without any interference from you.


  • From the fantastic free work sites that offer a wide range of designers with different skills to get what suits you best at the price that suits you best.
  • You can get a logo for your project at a price starting from only $5 on Fiverr, but you have to beware of those who use molds ready to make logos you are here to be overlooked, so I advise you if you want a distinctive logo to express your brand, invest in it and don’t be stingy on it because this logo will be the one His whole project.
  • While searching for the right designer, place and evaluate your reputation, because the more you evaluate it and how many works the more elegant and beautiful it is, the price of designer services here ranges from $5 to $70.
  • When you purchase the $5 service, you get a high-resolution logo and a vector type you can change its size as you like.
  • When you buy the $25, you get the above in addition to the logo’s source file so that you can modify it in the future.
  • Service of $60 and above, you get all previous additions along with a 3d version of your logo as well as covers for your social media accounts, and you will get a suitable logo to place on business cards and envelopes.

Other useful free business sites:

  • Freelancer
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Upwork


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