Fields of computer


Fields of computer use

The computer

The computer is the main nerve in the current era, it is not possible to dispense with the computer in all spheres of life bye way, computer resides in all scientific institutions, health, military, and all types of enterprises and population And because the industrial computer use easier and reduces the time and effort required to complete them.

Is the computer ‘s most important inventions discovered by man throughout his life, because this discovery caused a radical change in human life, and knows the computer language that your programmer to perform quick operations or to store information and retrieve it at any time?[1]Conventionally, it is known as a coded machine was programmed to perform specific functions and tasks, computer or computer consists of a set of electronic parts that work together to be the computer, such as RAM, hard disk and CPU Central, motherboard, and a lot of different pieces.

Fields of computer use

Educational field

More areas of computer use are education, no doubt, to the computer provides an easy and flexible environment and multiple properties to create an electronic learning environment are fantastic and very special, with the computer there is no need to use paper, opens the door to computer Creativity and diversity in the way teaching and learning, and the advantages of computer in education:

  • Increases the desire for the same learner to look and see.
  • Solve problems of a classroom of students overcrowding and lack of appropriate places for teaching and learning, distance learning is possible at any time.
  • Detect computer mistakes quickly when learners are troubleshooting and debugging information when the learner very quickly.
  • Don’t embarrass the student because of his answers.
  • Let you connect with other means of education adds more fun and spirit of change when the learner, such as large screens, projectors, and other assistive devices to learn differently.
  • Learning opportunity for areas far from places of education.

Medical field

When was invented the computer became plays an important role in health and medical areas dramatically; it is used to store data that doctors and patients and their description of disease and therapies, and became the computer also works as a Profiler for various diseases that afflict mankind, Usual read or hear news that it was a complex and difficult process by computer, and also computer-assisted medicine by providing programs that simulate reality medical anatomy which is easy for students to handle and maintain many souls of animals.

The computer is first and last doctor in beauty world by giving the expected after cosmetic process making it easier for doctors to know the score before the operation, including computer-assisted also to take decisions with regard to error rate calculation Sensitive operations and hazardous to human life, that apart from other areas in the world of laboratory tests which became based entirely on computer.

Security area

Security uses for the computer of the most obvious signs that the computer is being used in every area of life, without an integrated information system security devices cannot connect the different branches, and cannot operate in a coordinated and orderly without Information and data is complete, the computer provides this feature greatly facilitates the work of security devices, programs that store information about the persons available at the security agencies, and they facilitate the search has become the most wanted, and there also become Criminal records store programs and other programs recognize fingerprint and identity and display the detail data in print, and some software to analyze the input data to your computer, give results which helps security forces in investigations Different, along with the use of computer in tracing wanted via GPS (Global Positioning System) and cannot, of course, restrict the uses of computer security.

Computer pros

The computer has become a mainstay in various areas and has a lot of positives and it helps to solve complex mathematical problems that you need for a long time and many steps to solve it, but the computer can solve it in time standard time, and also computer helps save Large data and information and allows access and control, and also by the computer can control other electronic devices such as cameras, phones, aviation, cars, plus great services provided by computer in domain Editing and writing texts, writing books via computer is easy and different from the old traditional ways, becoming less time needed compared to the past, and the computer is one of the most important entertainment in the current era, which could run games Video and watch various movies and games, and various events across the world.

Disadvantages of computer

Although many pros and multimedia software in various areas and uses but has a lot of negatives, because the nature of the work the computer open to use it incorrectly or used to implement things, harmful and illegal tasks, in addition to Ease of ownership and the big spread around the world, it disadvantages caused damage to the eyes and neck muscles and headaches when used for a long time and continuously.

The computer can also cause the growing feeling the love of solitude and keep away from others, causing a lack of social life have, in some cases being diagnosed with depression and use of computers in various fields and industries to lay off a lot of people consequence Occupy the computer for their places in the work for its speed at work, low in cost, where computer-based industries have become dramatically right now, and finally the spread of computers around the world to the emergence of large electronic crimes pertaining to non-business That occur when legal misuse him and his techniques, examples of cyber theft of money, personal information, photos, and extortion, and many other acts that harm and harm to computer users in General.

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