Facebook damages


Facebook damagesFacebook risks and damages

Facebook has many dangers and damages that have an impact on the individual and society in all aspects of life.

Facebook damages to children

  • Children become victims of those who engage in aggressive behavior through their pages on Facebook
  • Children are harassed or abused by colleagues, and Facebook is used to ridicule and ridicule others.
  • Uncertainty about the risks to the child or the psychological or emotional state that he or she is experiencing.
  • Overuse of Facebook and modern technology, which negatively affects the health of children and individuals in pre-adolescence; they are more prone to mental disorders such as stress, depression, and suffering in the face of future problems.
  • Wasting children’s time browsing websites without interest, and talking about useless things.

Facebook damages to adults

  • Realization of life problems; real life is not free of problems people face, but with the presence of Facebook exacerbate these problems and conflicts are widespread and widespread and faster.
  • Web users publish personal information that can harm them and their friends, help strangers locate them, and use them to manipulate them.
  • Waste of time and waste of sitting long hours on the Facebook page, which leads to the loss of sense of realism, and live in the virtual world, and the inability of the person to balance the various activities, and duties assigned to the practical side.
  • View and inform users of inappropriate content
  • There is a possibility of inappropriate communication with people, which later develops these relationships.
  • There are many mental disorders such as obsessive-compulsive behavior, hostile behavior, and anti-social behavior.
  • Burial the real talents of the individual and activities and hobbies; he spends long hours in front of Facebook without practicing any activity on the ground, less production, less physical flexibility, and laziness and wasting.

Facebook damages

Studies related to Facebook damages

Several studies have touched upon the impact of Facebook’s use on young people, their personalities, their achievement, and their interaction with others around them.

  • Aren Karpinski study: This study aims to show the effect of the use of Facebook on student achievement. This study was conducted on 219 students and found that the scores obtained by students who are on Facebook are much lower than those obtained by their counterparts who do not use the The study also found that the more the student browses the site, the lower his grades and the completion of the exams. The study also showed that people who spend more time on the site devote less time to study.
  • Michel Fanson’s study: This study aimed to identify the impact of the Internet on social relations. The study was conducted on 1600 young people who use social networking sites, especially Facebook, and the result is that more than half of them spend more time on Facebook than they spend with real friends Or with their families. The study also showed that they spoke by phone less, and their viewing of television was low for others.
  • Eversive study: This study was conducted on women who use Facebook, and showed that 85% of them were harassed, and Facebook habits and experiences influenced 80% of them. 85% Far from reality, such as a good life, a peaceful and ideal life.


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