End of Pharaohs


End of Pharaohs

Ancient Egypt still one of the most mysterious empires in the history of the world. It was spotlighted on it from two-hundred years ago, when hieroglyphic writing was deciphered, then came to the discovery of the tombs and the pharaohs.

Ancient historians recognized that Egypt was the gift of the Nile’s river, before draining into the sea through a large delta Nile, which runs through a two-thousand kilometer of the desert. If it isn’t for the Nile; Egypt would be no more than a sea of hot sand.

The Nile’s water nurtured the Egyptian cities. An early testimony to great civilizations. The Mediterranean in the north, great desert in the west and the red sea in the east secured Egypt against all enemies for thousands of years.

The Nile bring fertility, for thousands of years of peace brought prosperity and the construction of the gigantic buildings. But for the first Egyptians; the Nile wasn’t only the blessings but also a curse.

Three-thousand years BC; Egypt joins together to form a new kingdom. It extends now along the Nile and over the whole delta.

It is almost three-thousand years where the empire was repeatedly threatened by nomadic people from the desert. But Egypt was successfully beating off all their attacks.

The absolute ruler of Egypt was a pharaoh, he was the king, as well as the high priest and the supreme commander of the army. The Egyptians list of pharaohs begins around three-thousand BC of the legendary pharaoh Mina.

The beginning of Egyptian history is the beginning of history itself.

Traditionally, Egyptian history is divided into three phases;

  1. The Period when empire flourished.
  2. Several intermediate phases
  3. Late period.

Firstly, the beginning of the old kingdom was around in 2650 BC, coupled with the ascendancy of the third dynasty, and then ending in around 2120 BC.

Then the middle kingdom, which essentially comprising the eleventh and twelfth dynasty sometimes in around 2050 BC to 1650 BC.

And the new kingdom began with the eighteenth dynasty, the most famous best known. In Egyptian history, it started about 1550 BC and ended about 1070 BC.

In between, there were periods of decline before the phonetic era, the first two dynasties.

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