Electronic research is one of the easiest and most effective ways to search for information in the modern era. As the web provides an infinite number of information on the pages of its myriad sites, which offers the possibility for all researchers to search for different information they want to enrich with the aim of enriching their minds, developing their skills and expanding their perceptions.

Search Engines


The Internet provides many research engines that users use on an ongoing basis. These engines help users to find what they are looking for easily and effortlessly.

These engines are easy to use, as any person who knows nothing other than reading and writing can use it. All he needs to do is to enter the keywords that indicate the subject he is looking for, then a very large number of results will appear that will enable the researcher to obtain the information he is looking for.

Search engines provide the ability to diversify results. If the researcher wants another form of non-readable results, he can show results in the form of images, videos or news.

The search engines also provide many services to users besides the main service like maps, translation, and others.

E-Research Features

  • It saves time and effort to researchers, especially those who need to have general knowledge about a particular topic, or those who need to make sure that their prior information is correct.
  • It has been able to compile many different search results and put them in the hands of the researcher, and the researcher became able to review many forms of research results in the same place, without the need to move and make efforts to do so.
  • It provides researchers with a lot of money; all the researcher needs to find the information he is looking for a computer, or a mobile phone or tablet, in addition to the connection between one of these devices and the Internet.

E-Research Disadvantages


  • E-research was developed and used in the context contradicts with its original contexts. Some people have come to write complete books and publish them on the market based on information posted on websites, without reference to sources and books.
  • E-research has become a cause of laziness and inactivity of many, which led to a decline in reading of books gradually, since the electronic search provides the conclusion in any subject to any researcher on a plate of gold, knowing that the search of books and references helps to increase culture on the subject in question, as the researcher is forced to read dozens of pages in order to get the information he needs.
  • The book industry has declined in favor of websites, which is to some extent linked to online thefts by stealing books and providing them free of charge on the Internet, which has hurt this vital industry and frustrated writers who spend much of their time writing one



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