Distance learning


Written by: sarah elagouz

Distance learning (E-LEARNING)

The methods and methods of study are no longer limited to paper, pen and writers only, but have expanded and evolved to include learning by joining a university in another country, affiliation, watching lectures and conducting exams while you are sitting in your home, this is what I call the distance learning, which has become widespread and very much in Our time, for various reasons such as technological development and the availability of laptops and the internet for most or even everyone including many developing countries, ad hoc basis will talk here about the development of methods used in distance learning, and the objectives of developing such means, as well as the most prominent means by which Included.

Distance learning


The development of distance learning methods

The first to use this method is the Western American and European universities, specifically in the 1970s so that they started by sending the educational materials that they should study through their email, including the study plan and books as well as the illustrated videos, and The student in return sends all that is required of him to his teacher in the same manner, and the main final exam was required to attend the student to the university to present, until many of the social fast and more recent websites appeared from the email to be used for distance learning, so the student can Watch his lecture directly and ask the questions he wants at the same time.

Objectives of Distance Learning

There is nothing in this world that has been developed and worked on, with certain objectives, as well as distance learning, the main objectives of which are:

  • To help raise the level of culture, science, and education among all members of society.
  • Compensate for the shortage of teaching staff.
  • To develop teaching aids that help the student to understand and assimilate, so that they include the videos and charts and not only the professor and his explanation.
  • Saving time and effort for the student and giving him appropriate training and practice opportunities.

Distance learning

Distance learning means

As for the means used in the distance learning system, they are multiple and the most common are:

  • Using the e-mail, whereby the teaching material is exchanged between the teacher and the student.
  • Using audio devices, such as recording devices or even radios. Use of esophageal means videos as well as TV.
  • Laptops and computers with Internet, the best of which are the most used

It is worth mentioning here that a group of Arab universities are now mainly relying on distance learning, notably the King Abdulaziz University and the Arab Open University, as well as the Syrian virtual university as well as the open, and many others





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