Deleting the Cydia from iPhone

Written by Samia Arif

The Cydia

Cydia is known as an application can be downloaded on IOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple versions. 

This application allows users of these devices to download programs, games, themes or other services that are not available on the App Store, but such programs may be loaded with viruses, which slow their work, and easy to hack, which makes many users delete it from their devices. 

Deleting the Cydia from iPhone

Cydia Eraser Method

    • Enter the Cydia, then look for Cydia Eraser and install it. Wait until the download ends, then open it when it appears on the main screen of the iPhone. Click on the “Erase All Data” button, unjailbreak device, where a screen that shows all warnings and alerts will appear.Free flight comparison with Skyscanner

  • Press “Delete All,” wait till all applications are cleared, after that the device will return new and free of apps. 

Find my phone method

    • Take a backup copy of your iPhone.
    • Go through a computer browser to
    • Click “Find my iPhone” button; you may be asked to enter the password. 
    • Click on the “All Devices” button, then choose your iPhone.
    • Click on the “Erase iPhone” button on the right side, where all data on the iPhone will be erased.Flight Deals?

Restoring method 

    • First, connect the iPhone to the computer and run the “iTunes” app, taking care that iTunes is from the latest update to avoid errors.
    • Synchronize your device with “iTunes,” so iPhone data or applications are transferred to your computer.
    • Backup all applications and data, then save them at a known place on the computer.
    • Click Shift + restore in the “iTunes.”
    • Select a place to save the downloaded version, paying attention that the release must be the latest version; a new screen will appear to confirm that this process will delete all personal settings and data. Search flights with Skyscanner

  • Wait until the restore is completed, there will be an option to restore the backups. Select the backup; then you can restore all the applications and private data. It’s better not to disconnect the iPhone from the device during the restoration.


  • You have to connect the device to the internet during the restoring process. 
  • Deleting Cydia helps to avoid virus damage on the device, but it is better to prevent long-term internet access so that the iPhone is not hacked.Book nowBest Airfares to Europe!


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