Create a table in Excel

Written by: Samia Arif


The software helped to get the information and carry out the required tasks with high speed and accessible ways. 

In the past time the creation of a function takes time and a double human effort and may appear completely inaccurate results sometimes, but after the invention of the computer the completion of tasks became more comfortable and faster, Without the need for a significant effort, the results are shown accurately and correspond to the final result required.Compare prices on flights with Skyscanner

Microsoft Computer programs

Microsoft is an electronic system and Software Company established by the inventor Bill Gates. 

The company has provided many programs that have risen to the human and facilitated tasks, and the following are the most important programs offered by the company, the most used: 

  • Microsoft Word Press: It is used to create written files.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: It is used to create text files in a view.
  • Microsoft Outlook: It is Used to create emails. 
  • Microsoft Excel: It is used to solve mathematical issues.

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Microsoft Excel

It is one of the Microsoft programs and offers many services to the user, where he performs many functions, including the following:

  • Solving different mathematical issues. 
  • Provide a graph of mathematical functions, linear, quadratic, and other associations by entering the axis value, or pairing input and value.
  • Create tables, the program is used extensively in creating tables and solving mathematical equations, so the program is very useful in the field of mathematics, when you draw the graph of a function of 100 values it will be very difficult when you produce it manually, where the person will calculate and enter values in the function hundred Time, which consumes great effort and time too, as the drawing of the associations manually misses the full resolution.
  • Create graphics and geometrical shapes, such as triangles, circles, and rectangles.

Create Excel tables

You can create a table in Excel through the following steps: 

    • Open an Excel file from your computer.
    • Open a new file from the Tools menu.
    • Choose a table option from the toolbar.
    • When you choose a Table button, several options will be displayed, including the number of columns and rows.
    • Choose the number of table rows and enter the desired amount. 

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  • Choose the number of table columns and enter the desired amount.
  • Press the OK button. Create the table, and it will appear on the page that is already open. Start entering the required information in the table, and typing by pressing the mouse “click” on the box you want to write in the table. 
  • After you have finished creating the table and writing all the required information, you can save it by saving to your computer, saving to external memory, or printing the table through the available computer printer.Cheap Flights, Discount Flight Tickets on skytrolly


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