Computer specifications for games


The following is a list of the best devices approved for computer games, with the following specifications:

  • Lenovo Y900Which features the best computer specifications approved for the use of games and the characteristics of:
    • CPUIntel Core i7.
    • RAM module Up to 8 GB.
    • The image processing unit of typeNVIDIA GeForce GTX 970.
    • 2TB hard drive.
    • USB port type 2.0 is number 4, and type 3.0 is number
  • iBUYPOWERPro Gaming PC Desktop 9200: Who has the following specifications:
    • High-efficiency image processing card of typeNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 With 8 GB of storage.
    • The CPU is an eighth-generation typeIntel Core i7.
    • RAM moduleDDR4 RAM With a storage capacity of 16 GB.
    • 1 TB hard drive + hard drive typeSSD With a capacity of 240
  • CyberpowerPCGamer Ultra 3400A With the following specifications:
    • Central processing unit up to 2.6 GHz of typeAMD FX-6300.
    • 8 GB RAM module.
    • The hard drive has a capacity of one terabyte type SATA III At speeds of up to 7,200 rpm.

The importance of computer at work

Computer specifications for gamesThe importance of using the computer within the scope of work in several fields of computer, most notably the following by the importance and common:

  • Browsing through websites and e-mail.
  • Word processing and editing.
  • Create graphs.
  • Scheduling and organizing business.
  • Design and graphic design.
  • Preparation of work-related

Types of computer

The various types of computers according to several criteria, most notably the size and strength of their uses, and the characteristics of these computers mention the following:

  • Personal computer
    • This type takes the form of personal use and consists of a small central processing unit.
  • Computer Workstations
    • It is powerful and used by one person, much like a PC but has a central processing unit and a more intensive display screen.
  • A small computer
    • Although small, it is intended to be used by many people who may reach hundreds at the same moment.
  • Mainframe
    • A powerful computer that can provide services to thousands of people at the same time.
  • Supercomputer
    • It is one of the fastest types of computers to execute hundreds of millions of commands and


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