Computer networks and types

Computer networks and types

The computer is one of the basic pillars on which the world depends today in a basic situation where students, employees, companies, government institutions, and a large number of humanitarian and non-humanitarian organizations benefit from it.GroundLink
The process of obtaining a computer at this age is one of the obvious axioms that must be found in every House and every institution so that the institution can promote itself and adapt to the world around it in harmony, harmony, and relaxation.

Computer networks and types1

After the widespread use of computers in every home, institution, and university it became very important to make the connections between these computers to take advantage of their information quickly and accurately, it was necessary to find the term computer network that connects computers in one place, Computers on the whole world by accessing that network, but that network is limited to only a specific place or a certain number of computers that are connected to each other to enable communication and transfer files between them easily and conveniently.

Types of computer networks:

Computer networks are essential in today’s fast-paced world. Networks vary according to their size to three main types:

Small household: (LAN) which is limited to several devices located in places very close to each other.

Long-distance networks (WANs), which are between two or two cities and sometimes even two continents, sometimes a company’s network or a network service provider to another company, such as Internet companies that transport the Internet from one country to another and connect the world To each other for a nominal service charge received from each user.
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The Personal Network (RAN) is a network that connects only one person to another, such as those working in design or physical and astronomical research; they need several interconnected devices to do their work on the right side. These three types are the most common types of computer networks according to the size of the network, the number of devices connected to the network, and also may be considered depending on the distance between the devices associated with that network. Carmel #1 Car and Limousine Service in America

Civil or Urban Network (MAN): A network that is larger than a home network and smaller than a wide-area network, usually covering a city or a part of it. This network is designed to make users using devices in one city benefit from high speed and good performance Owned by this network.Bose FR Homepage

Forms of networks:

Networks are designed in different forms to perform certain functions to benefit the user well, and these differ in the functions and the distribution of network devices and the cost of financial, these forms are:

Star: This shape is similar to the five-pointed star, in the middle is a central device used by other devices in the network and organize communication between them, and if it fails the network completely stops working. The cost is quite high; because of the central system in which requires to be high specifications and very good to withstand pressure and perform tasks efficiently.

Cyclone: ​​A network that is shaped just like a circle, each device connected to the device after and before, and the devices in this form a closed loop. This is one of the least used species due to the lack of quality performance in this format, and the relatively average cost.

Linearity: This is one of the most widespread because of its relatively low cost, and the devices in this form are connected to each other via an only single communication line, but the performance remains undesirable because the linear shape does not allow two devices to transmit information at the same time, but allows only one device to use the mainline, and after it starts the device that follows it, and so on.

Mesh: The best form of networking, the highest quality and efficient in performance. Each device is connected to all the other devices in the network. If a communication line is broken, there are other ways to access the device, but the cost of designing this format is very high because of the very large number of cables used to connect each device to all other devices in the network.Skyscanner’s daily flight deals up to 55% off

Classification of networks:

Computer networks can also be classified according to the method of interconnection between devices. There are three main types of networks in this area:

Computer networks can also be classified according to the method of interconnection between devices. There are three main types of networks in this area: wired networks (Wired), which are interconnected by wire, either with copper wires or Fiber Optics and a wireless network may be based on radio-wave interconnection between networks. Advanced networks, which are satellite networks that are connected by satellite signals to Earth, are the most accurate and fastest networks on Earth.API Tracking Link for Netherlands

Network protocols:

For networks to operate regularly and accurately, so-called protocols should be used to exchange data accurately. The protocol is defined as laws that govern the way, quality, and form of data exchange between networks and devices in general. Not all devices operate on a single operating system, and not all networks use the same protocol between their communication devices. The protocols work as an interpreter between different contacts that use a different operating system than the rest of the contacts. Networks rely primarily on two protocols: Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and IP (Internet Protocol).
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Computer networks are a genius invention that has provided the world with a lot of benefits. It has facilitated information sharing across the globe, made the world look like a small village, and has made very strong connections between network users and the world at all sides and knowledge.



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