Computer learning for beginners


Computer learning for beginners

The computer

Prepare your PC one of the most important inventions that influenced heavily on the shape and the reality of life in the current era, where human-computer enabled to accomplish many things, tasks that required a long time standard time. Identifies the computer or computers that are programmed machine address data entered, and then stores it in memory, and sends them to the output devices and tools to show the results to the user.

Uses the computer in various spheres of life are indispensable ever since I became the basic skills in dealing with computer and its basic principles necessary requirement for work in progress and evolve continuously.

How to learn computer

To learn to deal with the computer and work on it must know many basic things that concern him, and make it easy to deal with and go, and know its mechanism and its parts will help much in understanding the logic that runs the computer which helps a lot on Learn faster, solve problems that can occur when using it. Things that you should know when you start learning the computer is situated, its mechanism, keyboard shortcuts and some of its properties.

Computer parts

The computer consists of two sections, namely physical and programmatic, the physical part is all that can touch of bits and pieces with your computer hardware, the compiler includes the operating system, programs and applications running on it, are the parts cannot touch it nor only computer and computer parts are:

·         Mother Board: the main part that holds all the pieces the computer, an electronic Panel holds all computer parts, and you attach to each other to transfer data between them.

·         CPU (Central Process Unit): the heart of your computer, they are responsible for handling all input data and store them and view their results to the user via the output devices for your computer.

·         Hard Disk: the types of memory used to store files permanently, and the operating system files are stored so the computer to function normally.

·         Keyboard is the part responsible for entering data into your computer in the form of text and numbers, and one keyboard input devices in the computer.

·         Mouse: is the part responsible for moving your cursor to the computer, the mouse helps to browse computer files, open them and delete them, modify them, and they also are input devices.

·         Screen is the part responsible for displaying results to the user and are output devices.

·         RAM (Random Access Memory in English): the types of memory used in a computer, this memory is used to store information temporarily; volatile lose their content when you disconnect the power to the computer.

 Computer work

Running your computer as a certain and specific mechanism, and its mechanism is one of the features that distinguish it from other machines, programmed and non-programmed in the world of electronics, where your computer on the principle of processing data entered through input devices such as Mouse, keyboard, and then stored in different types of memory such as a hard drive or RAM, and then sends it to the output devices like screen and speakers to show results, and the computer will handle all these processes by converting all the data into (Binary Language) for your computer, containing only two digits are 0 and 1, where the computer does not understand other languages.

How to deal with the computer

Vary the steps involved to learn computer from person to person and cause another, but there are some things and shared steps and basic that fit them all at the beginning of the journey learning to use a computer, and these things and steps:

·         Do back up the information and data on your computer, so as to ensure no loss in the event of a malfunction or problem led to deleting and the loss of this data and files.

·         Learn keyboard shortcuts which greatly facilitates the process browse files and modify them.

·         Use antivirus software to protect your computer from viruses, files, harmful and malicious software that could harm your computer and cause a crash.

·         Network computer arrived Internet wirelessly or wired to take advantage of digital content on the Internet in various fields.

·         Persistent deletion of unnecessary and unwanted files on your computer.

·         Use of the software and applications that serve and repair files and OS problems even lasts longer and works more efficiently on your computer.

·         Protection of information and data on your computer by software that is used specifically for these things, use a strong password to prevent the entry of unwanted persons to your computer.

·         Download software and applications from trusted sites are harmless and even not contain viruses or malicious programs may crash your computer.

·         Learn about computer parts and components, and learn to work and how to handle and solve their problems.

·         Using operating system commensurate with the nature of the use of the computer, with specifications and quality parts.


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