Computer Components   

Computer Definition

The computer is one of the important inventions at the global standard, and is a major cause of the huge development in the world at present, which depends mainly on the computer to perform various industrial and other processes in different fields, and the computer defines the language that it is programmed to perform operations Or to store and retrieve information at any time. As a term, it is defined as a machine programmed to perform certain functions. Carmel Limo Service
The computer consists of a set of electronic pieces that work together to form a computer, Motherboard, RAM, Hard disk, keyboard, and many others.

Computer working mechanism

Computer working principle is very simple and complex because it works on the principle of receiving inputs, processing them, storing them, and giving the results of the operation of processing and executing them, and the inputs that the computer receives are of different types. Among them are texts, including numbers or letters, Audio, photo or video, and lots of different data types.
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This data is entered into the computer via input devices, such as the mouse, keyboard, CD or USB port, and these peripherals are connected to the main component of the computer: the motherboard that contains the control circuits for all the computer parts. When a particular text is entered by the keyboard, the text entered is converted to Binary, which consists of only two numbers, 0 And 1, so that the computer can process data by language it can understand, and enters Binary data into the central process unit to process the data and perform the required tasks from the computer, and then send it to be stored in different  storage units in the computer and then sent to the output devices : Output Devices, such as the monitor or speakers, to give output from the processing operation of input data. Computer work is complex because it handles millions of data and instructions and processes them in a very short time.
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Computer components

The computer is basically divided into two parts: the hardware and the software, which many people associate with body and soul respectively; the software part of the computer is the different operating systems and software that are interacted with, with the inability to touch it physically, the hardware part of the computer is everything that is interacted with physically, which can control what is happening in the computer from the input and output devices and processing devices. The computer contains many components of software and hardware, which are as follows:
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Hardware consist of input devices, output devices, and processing units. Input devices are as follows:

· Keyboard: One of the most important components of the computer, because it is the tool by which data is entered into the computer, typing while talking to someone else over the Internet, or doing other stuff, such as opening programs and applications or playing video games.
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· Mouse: A tool that controls the cursor in the computer to open various files, move through system files, and open different applications.

· Scanner: It is a device used to input images into the computer.

· Microphone: The tool used to input audio data to the computer.

. Disk Drivers: It is the tool by which various types of CDs are input.EASILY BOOK, TRACK, AND ORGANIZE GROUND TRANSPORTATION

Output devices are as follows:

· Screen or monitor: This device is responsible for showing the results to the user after processing and storing the data, and the output is in the form of texts, sounds, images or videos.

· Printer: And it is the device that converts and prints data on paper, and it has two main types; two inkjet printer, and a laser printer.Free flight comparison with Skyscanner

· Speakers: The tool that outputs data in the form of heard audio to a computer user.


These are the invisible components of the computer, but they are the main tool of using and operating the computer. The software components are divided into two parts:

· Operating system: It is a software system that operates software and programs, such as Internet browsers, media programs, text editors, and other popular programs. It is not possible to browse the Internet or work on the computer without this system. All applications used on a computer require a particular operating system to fully function, and the operating system can be defined as a program of a special nature, acting as an intermediary between the user and computer components.

· Programs and applications: And they are the programs that work on the computer, such as text processing programs, video and audio programs, and various design and modification programs.

Central Process Unit ( CPU)

The processing devices are not directly dealt with, but they are considered the mastermind of the computer, which cannot work without it, and it distinguishes the computer in terms of speed and clarity from other devices and is located in the system unit, usually in form of a rectangular box. The first of these components is the motherboard, where the other units are uploaded on, it is a large electrical circuit and the basis of the computer. The other unit is the (Central Process Unit) in which all the data is analyzed and processed, and as mentioned above it is considered the mastermind of the computer. And it organizes the processes between the different units of the computer; because it controls all inputs and outputs from and to different units in the computer.
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Memory Types

There are many types of memory used in the computer, there are some used for permanent storage, and some are used for temporary storage. The memory in the computer is divided into the following:

· Random Access Memory (RAM):  which temporarily stores information inside it to show it as outputs or process it, and loses all its contents when the computer is turned off.

· Read Only Memory: A memory that contains the data and settings necessary to operate the computer, and it is a static memory whose contents cannot be modified.Search flights with Skyscanner

· Cache Memory: A memory that has a very high speed of data retrieval and is used to store data temporarily.

Storage Units

There are many storage units in the computer, each of which has the use that distinguishes it from other storage units. And The Hard Disk is the most important type of storage unit. Because It contains the operating system files of the computer, the user ‘s data which he or she wants to keep permanently, and some CDs are small in size compared to the size of the hard disk.
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