Technology is the source of knowledge that is devoted to the manufacture of tools, the processing of activities, the extraction of materials, where technology can be described as products, processors, and regulations. It is used by man to increase his abilities and abilities. Therefore, man is the most important factor in any technological system .

Moreover, technology is also a science application to solve human problems. Science and technology are two very different things, but they work side by side to achieve a goal or solve a problem.

Technology has many applications in different fields; it is used in business, communications, transportation, education, industry, even the crafts industry, data security, and many other fields. Technology is human knowledge that includes tools, systems, and resources.

purchases through Bing

A look at purchases through Bing search results

Online search engines seek to develop their search results for users and researchers and at the same time provide more resources to help them...
marketing tips from Microsoft

A collection of marketing tips from Microsoft Giants, Netflix, and Adobe

Adobe Adopt a permanent marketing strategy Adobe-Adobe has radically changed its marketing tactics, through a process called always-on Marketing – Permanent marketing. While companies used to spend...
Microsoft's patents

60 thousands of Microsoft’s patents have become open source

Microsoft has always been the first enemy of all open source software enthusiasts. Microsoft's profit-making policies have been completely countering to the policies of...
Bloggers You Must Follow

10 Steps for Bloggers You Must Follow Them After Posting Any New Article

1. Read and review the article I know you're investing some time in reviewing and editing your articles before they're published. But most bloggers forget...
full documentary films on the Biogenesis

Away from short clips… Nine full documentary films on the Biogenesis

If you are still skeptical or are looking for Bitcoin, and you are experiencing difficulties in how you understand the work of this coin,...
change the Netflix password

How to change the Netflix password

Change the Netflix password from your desktop browser If you own your password: Sign in to Netflix and make sure you select the name of the...
tips to write a topic

10 tips to write a topic title or post more effectively

Most bloggers and webmasters suffer from lack of visitors despite the power of content. I will be shocked to say that the content alone...
What is the Postal Code

What is the Postal Code

Internet The Internet is the largest network, which has been able to connect the entire world, and the wide use and entry into all areas...
What is Hashtag

What is Hashtag

Hashtag The hashtag is one of the essential features of social networking sites and is used to see all the updates and posts that are...
Web Pages Design

Web Pages Design

Principles of web page design Professional designers follow some principles and standards that make the web page clearly formatted, easy to handle and browse, and...

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