Technology is the source of knowledge that is devoted to the manufacture of tools, the processing of activities, the extraction of materials, where technology can be described as products, processors, and regulations. It is used by man to increase his abilities and abilities. Therefore, man is the most important factor in any technological system .

Moreover, technology is also a science application to solve human problems. Science and technology are two very different things, but they work side by side to achieve a goal or solve a problem.

Technology has many applications in different fields; it is used in business, communications, transportation, education, industry, even the crafts industry, data security, and many other fields. Technology is human knowledge that includes tools, systems, and resources.


Create and profit from a channel on YouTube

Written by: Sara Elagouz Create a channel on YouTube A person who uses YouTube can create his channel on YouTube, so he can upload, comment on...
Best Windows system software

Best Windows system software to track non-Microsoft software updates

(PSI) Personal Software Inspector Secunia’s It scans software on your computer and checks for the latest version of the database, either automatically installs the...
Best free and paid video editing apps

Best free and paid video editing apps! … For future Youtubers and content creators

Adobe Premiere Pro application It is an industry-standard video editor, but it requires good resources for your device to use and offers many possibilities...
Facebook damages

Facebook damages

Facebook risks and damages Facebook has many dangers and damages that have an impact on the individual and society in all aspects of life. Facebook damages...
Extracting keywords

Extracting keywords

Step 1-Ask yourself the following questions: What are the keywords (in general) that your site audience is looking for on search engines? What are...
Cancel Netflix

Cancel Netflix

About Netflix Thanks to the establishment of the Netflix network to the American Red Hastings in 1997 and his friend Mark Randolph, the company initially...
Best Electronic Banks

Best Electronic Banks

Written by: Sarah Elagouz Electronic banks Technology plays an important role in all fields, and the Internet has facilitated us to do many important actions, in...
Analytics feature on Twitter

An essential look at the Site Analytics feature on Twitter

Website owners, forums, magazines, and other online projects... Have you heard that Twitter has recently added the Web Analytics feature on the microblogging network? It...
new features in Microsoft Office 2019

All you would like to know about new features in Microsoft Office 2019

What is the difference between Office 2019 and Office 365? The main difference is that Office 2019 will be purchased only once, and no feature...
know about Bitcoin

All you need to know about Bitcoin

Configuration history The configuration of a digital currency does not require the printing of invoices or banknotes; it is decentralized since there is no government...

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