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Technology is the source of knowledge that is devoted to the manufacture of tools, the processing of activities, the extraction of materials, where technology can be described as products, processors, and regulations. It is used by man to increase his abilities and abilities. Therefore, man is the most important factor in any technological system .

Moreover, technology is also a science application to solve human problems. Science and technology are two very different things, but they work side by side to achieve a goal or solve a problem.

Technology has many applications in different fields; it is used in business, communications, transportation, education, industry, even the crafts industry, data security, and many other fields. Technology is human knowledge that includes tools, systems, and resources.

How to delete Cydia

How to delete Cydia

How to delete Cydia Ways to delete Cydia of iTunes Deleting Cydia via Computer To delete Cydia in your iPhone through a computer, you must do the...
The first computer in the world

The first computer in the world

The computer occupied the whole world when it was invented and began to spread and enter into most areas of life; because of the...
How to use Viber on mobile

How to use Viber on mobile

How to use Viber on mobile? Technological revolution In light of the current technological revolution and the rapid development of all aspects of life, everything is...
Information Technology

Latest Information Technology

Information Technology Information technology is closely linked to computers and networks. Many people come to computers, networks, or both when IT is mentioned because computers...
Secrets and Tricks of Fortnite Battle Royale

Secrets and Tricks of Fortnite Battle Royale … How to win?

Secrets and Tricks of Fortnite Battle Royale ... How to win? Within a year, Fortnite Battle Royale has become the most exciting game in the...
What are the importance of inventions in our lives

What are the importance of inventions in our lives

Inventions According to the lexicon, the word invention means innovation, innovation, or creation of the thing. Man resorted to inventions for several reasons, most notably...

Memory Types

Computer Memory The name of the memory is called the physical components (Hardware) of the computer, which stores the data resulting from the different...
Search engine

Search engine

Search Engine: A program that aims to search for answers to questions that are presented in the form of a set of information, where...
Disadvantages of E-marketing

Disadvantages of E-marketing

Written by: Sarah elagouz Deception and fraud Many e-marketing sites created for theft and fraud are online, and it may not take much to convince the...
How to delete your email forever

How to make an E-mail

There are many ways through which you can make an E-mail: Open a website that provides free email service as Hotmail.com, Yahoo.com, Google.com Go...

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