Between traditional Bitcoin trading and CFD trading from the winner


Bitcoin tradingWho of us has not heard of the encrypted digital coins and the Damned Genesis that turned their price from a few cents to thousands of dollars overnight??It is certain that we have heard the digital currency revolution that has become an integral part of the world of the Internet today, so we cannot exaggerate when we say that we are on the threshold of a whole new phase, and it is certain that we have said in ourselves, we wish we had invested even little in the composition, so we became wealthy today.But did the wheel stop at the BIOS? Or is there a glimmer of hope coming from afar?It seems that the development and change of the internet world is faster than us and I fear that we will not be able to catch up with the internet in the future as we try to cope with the encrypted digital currency revolution we see a new form of trading today when most of us were watching the prices of the imaginary biogenesis that reached the twenty-one thousand dollars per currency with eyes filled with sorrow we missed something very important we may not regret anything after today we can buy and trade the composition but in a slightly different way have you ever heard of trading CFDs??

Start what CFDs are?

CFD is an abbreviation of the term Contract for Difference which is a financial asset that allows investors to enter the world of encrypted digital currency trading, stock markets, stock exchanges, and other large financial markets without having to possess the actual value of the thing we are trading in!!That is, you can start trading the bitcoins without having to buy them effectively as this type of tool allows us to take advantage of changes in stock prices, digital currencies or bonds without actually buying them, we do not have to buy traditional coins and pay that huge amount of Dollars and we start the traditional trading journey that the result of thousands of investors lost their money because of this risk last year as most of the encrypted digital currencies lost 75 percent of their purchasing value so who would ensure that this does not happen again next year??We can even make real profits as a result of the difference between the opening and closing prices of a trade that is open mainly to a particular digital currency, a stock or a bond, and what is important and necessary to understand seriously that we do not have the asset we trade, we do not need to buy shares or digital coins to start trading!!

What is CFDs trading?

Through CFDs, you can open a position on a particular instrument that may be a commodity, a stock, a digital currency, an encrypted or a bond, or an investment fund. There are a wide variety of options when we decide to trade using encrypted digital currencies.The difference between the primary price or the opening price and the final price of any closing price is the price of the CFD, and the price of the CFD is the base price and if the price of the underlying asset rises the same effect for the CFD and in addition there is a leverage feature that is not available in the traditional form For trading the contracts are traded with simple capital because of the leverage, and the leverage varies depending on the platform we use.

Bitcoin trading

What does leverage mean?

The presence of leverage characterizes CFD trading, i.e., you can enter transactions larger than the real owner, i.e., if the size of your deal amounts to $1,000 in the presence of leverage 10:1 you can enter the deal and trade with 100 USD in your possession or 10% of the size of the deal as a whole you can reap the profits of my brother Why did you never imagine it with the leverage this percentage differs depending on the company you work with.

What’s new in CFD trading?

Although the general form of trading here is the same in one way or another, we buy some stocks and wait for prices to rise or fall to buy more coins or to sell our rations and make more money, but does this process depend on luck or is there something else?It’s not enough to trust our fortunes. Here we can trade on financial shares or products and commodities such as crude oil or any other product, and we must be aware of the economic news, and we can analyze the financial markets with extreme caution and accuracy if we want to stay on the warm side of this play E.But in all the new things and modern technologies there must be a guide we trust to take our hand and guide us to the right path and for the trading of CFDs, our guide is Ava Trade, one of the leading companies in the Arab world in the field of CFDs where it provided investors a huge amount and very wide Drivers that were not available to investors without a large number of facilities provided by Ava Trade, in the field of encrypted digital currencies, for example, Ava wants the following features where it offers a leverage of 2:1 and you can start trading for 100 euros plus the fact that the market The configuration is open to traders 24/7, to provide maximum comfort and the distinctive thing is the presence of direct support in your Arabic language round the clock and many other features and services are very nice and you want to try it now all you have to do to visit AvaTrade and learn more about CFD trading to collect The most information, especially the educational section on the site, there is a treasure of information you would like to see!!


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