Best Windows system software to track non-Microsoft software updates


Best Windows system software(PSI) Personal Software Inspector Secunia’s

  • It scans software on your computer and checks for the latest version of the database, either automatically installs the updates or gives you a link to do it manually.
  • PSI is the best because it partly covered a wide range of programs because it checks the contents of Microsoft’s main programs.


  • It is a free program to search and detect software updates installed on your computer to check wether there is an update available for each program or not.
  • There are more than ten alternatives to Secunia’s PSI, and SUMo is one of the best programs where all versions are available.
  • It is easily used and works on checking your computer quickly and lets you know if updates are available and can be updated directly.
  • SUMo also allows to manually add an executable file within the program and check for an update to the program.
  • It is also an easy-to-use program with a simple interface showing all the programs installed on your computer. You can easily select and update the program, and even add or remove programs that you do not want to update.
  • The main drawback to the program is that when you choose a program and click on the option to get an update, it will take you to the KC Softwares site which is trying to sell you the SUMo Pro program. If you do not want to pay, you can follow a link to download the new version.

Patch My PC

  • It is a reliable and free tool that searches the computer for all programs and tells you which programs require updating and that new versions are available on the Internet.
  • It is clear that it has a specific set of programs, unlike the SUMO Among the programs examined: Mozilla Firefox, Apple Quicktime, iTunes, Microsoft Silverlight, and many other supported programs include Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, and Java JRE.
  • The program interface is easy and simple to use, where you find programs that need to be updated and new versions are available in red.
  • Programs that are green do not have any recent versions, and if the program is not installed, it will appear black.
  • The program features that you can add new programs to update them, as well as many shortcuts to common Windows tools.

Best Windows system software


  • Ninite is a modern tool for downloading and installing free software at once with the click of a button.
  • Using the Ninite tool, you will not need to install the programs individually because all programs will be automatically installed together and without interference from you, and the programs on your computer will be skipped, or Ninite will update them.
  • It also features updates to more than 90 background programs at work, installs in just a few clicks, and you can skip some updates or ignore some programs altogether.



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