Best free and paid video editing apps! … For future Youtubers and content creators


Best free and paid video editing appsAdobe Premiere Pro application

  • It is an industry-standard video editor, but it requires good resources for your device to use and offers many possibilities for making good, professional videos.
  • While previous versions of Adobe Premiere Pro require users to switch to different applications to complete some post-production and output operations, the latest version will give you everything in one elegant interface, including captions, audio, and image editing.
  • It comes with a wide range of audio and video filters, 360-degree video support and virtual reality VR, native support for a large number of file formats, and the ability to work collaboratively with others.
  • You can start editing your videos before you finish importing.

Apple Final Cut Pro X application

  • Apple Final Cut Pro X, an advanced application for Mac devices from Apple, comes in second place and is available exclusively for these devices.
  • The user interface is slightly different from other competing applications, as the application is based on a timeline that encourages you to organize elements into specific “roles,” such as voice commentary, music, and It’s easy to use, and you’ll get used to quickly.
  • In addition to editing your videos with the full resolution available, it also offers 360-degree video and HDR adjustments with advanced color grading.

CyberLink PowerDirector 16 application

  • CyberLink PowerDirector 16 is the latest version of this program.
  • Although PowerDirector is an excellent and feature-rich video editor with many features, it manages to collect and deliver it with an easy-to-use interface that makes it easier for beginners to get paid.
  • The application comes with the Magic Film Processor, which improves image quality, you will achieve better results by spending more time using it, and will practice it.

HitFilm Pro application

  • The HitFilm Pro application is a premium video editor and is preferred for video sharing enthusiasts on social platforms and chat apps.
  • It’s full of tools to create stunningly special videos.
  • One of the biggest strengths in HitFilm Pro is the ability to handle every aspect of post-production video within the editor, can access animations, titles, audio editing and color grading with just two clicks, and of course, the interface is designed to be easy to use.

Lightworks application

  • This application provides users with video editing, producing high-quality videos.
  • Lightworks is an icon in video editing and editing that has been used to produce Hollywood movies including The King’s Speech and Road to Perdition.
  • It is described as a professional video editor for all, and despite its power, it will work well on fairly modest devices.

Best free and paid video editing apps

Hitfilm Express application

  • Yes, this is the free version of HitFilm Pro that we discussed earlier, it supports Mac devices as well as Windows.
  • The app lets you have lots of effects and installation options, arrange and edit clips, copy, paste, cut, and a wide range of audio and video effects.
  • This is all within a software interface that needs you to adapt to it, where you’ll discover more and more possibilities for editing videos.

DaVinci Resolve application

  • DaVinci Resolve is a free version of the paid video editing suite, but like Lightworks it has many features that would be enough for you, but if you need additional features, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version.
  • DaVinci Resolve is a professional video editor, with intuitive interfaces for editing, color correction, sound enhancement, and video export. There is a multi-track timeline for arranging videos and audio, as well as a wide range of filters and effects.
  • Color correction is an essential feature of an application, whether you want to adjust a full video or just a specific part, there’s also support for HDR mode, and you can work on original files from your camera.

Shotcut Application

  • Shotcut is a good free video editor that needs a little bit of patience to adapt to how it works and its software face.
  • The application was first launched on Linux before it was available for Mac and Windows devices. Therefore, the application interface may look a bit strict.
  • You will not only need to upload a video, but also choose the editing mode you want to work with, and the tools you want to use.

VSDC Free Video Editor application

  • VSDC Free Video Editor provides a wide range of effects and filters to optimize your footage, with both processors and manual options for beginners or more advanced users.
  • This makes it one of the best video editing applications available for free. It provides clip arrangement, re-copy, paste and cut, and add a lot of effects, with the ability to work not only with multiple scenes and transitions but also to add animations and texts to videos.



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