Best Electronic Banks


Best Electronic BanksWritten by: Sarah Elagouz

Electronic banks

Technology plays an important role in all fields, and the Internet has facilitated us to do many important actions, in schools or hospitals as well as banks.It’s not only easier to handle banking transactions, but traders and ordinary people can access an electronic bank account in a reliable, trusted and secure manner. But it is important to know the safest and most reliable electronic banks so as not to lose the money in the hands of unsafe parties.

Best Electronic Banks

Electronic banks can be relied upon to send and receive money through most countries. These banks are real checks that all transactions are done through the Internet, through which you can buy the various goods that the person needs. We will offer a group of the best electronic banks that the user can rely on.

PayPal Bank

It is the most important and famous electronic bank at all. It was launched 18 years ago and has been appreciated by all those who dealt with it. This bank allows sending and receiving money from both individuals and companies.It can also be linked to a bank account and a personal credit card. However, this bank charges the commission rate which is high compared to the rest of the electronic banks, reaching 4.9%.

Payoneer Bank

It is one of the banks that have gained wide popularity in Arab countries, especially since most banks support it in the Arab countries and the user can obtain a credit card through it.This bank allows you to transfer between two accounts on the same bank for free. The transfer from the Payoneer account to another Payoneer account is free. You can open an account through this bank and pay an annual fee of $ 29.

Pyza Bank

It is one of the most powerful e-banks, and one of its most important features is that it supports more than one currency from different countries of the world, which means that it saves a lot of transfer costs to its customers, and can be linked to the bank account just like the Bank of Paypal.

Best Electronic Banks

Neteller Bank

It is a British bank of origin, and is characterized by high security as it closes any account in the event of anyone else to control the account until the confirmation of the account holder, any process of transfer or withdrawal of suspicious funds directly by the bank to detect and stop until the validity of the process.This bank is supported by most Arab countries, and can be obtained with a credit card through it for $ 13, and provides many free services when making a sale or purchase online.

Skrill Bank

Previously called MoneyBookers, this bank is easy to use, where you can transfer and receive your money without complications, you can also do this without giving your personal information in full to the bank. The bank only asks for your address. This is good for many people who want to keep their privacy.One of the most important features of this bank is its speed and low commission value. It is also free and does not have to pay any contributions.

Tips for customers

To ensure that bank transactions are carried out via e-banks securely, you must ensure that the device through which the transfer and all transactions are free of viruses and intrusions so that it is secured with powerful programs so that the user is not exposed to theft.You should also deal with known and famous sites and keep away from unknown or new banks until you are sure of their credibility.



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