Written By: Amira Gamal

Facebook is known as one of the free social media and the most used in the internet. It was established in 2004 with huge advantages and services to save all active connection methods, transfer information as possible.

In 2011, the company used another advantage that redesigns the form of user’s homepage which called Timeline. Although it faced lots of objections, many people used to use it nowadays, as it shows academic information, photos, some about the user, and time order of events (posts, site, etc….).

In the top of timeline, there are user’s photo and cover photo, some people are professional in aligning the personal photo on the cover photo, which makes timeline looking perfect and expresses their personality.


Best Cover Photos

They differ according to content or the person’s interests that could be:

  • Religious Sentences; Islamic sentences such as quotation of a known sheik, a verse of The Holy Quran, a prophet’s Hadith, sayings of The Companions, or different supplications, or Christian sentences including sayings about Christ and from their holy books.
  • Political Sentences: including a certain situation of a political event, some official’s photo, flag’s photo, or official’s effective statements; such as the statement of King Hussein, “human is the dearest thing we have”.
  • Literal Expressions: including quotations of known literature, like ” when the sun is absent, learn to grow up in snow”, the writer Ahlam Mistighanmy.
  • Poetry: like “oh you who complain without an illness….be beautiful on the inside, you will see the universe a beautiful place”, Ilya Aou-mady.
  • Wisdom: like “happiness is transferred by infection….do not wait for any one’s infection… should have this virus ” or other quotations.
  • Funny Expressions: which is the most famous one and from it’s examples: caricature photos, Memes, (characters with ridiculous statements, funny photos, funny statements such as “do not care about other’s affairs”, “I feel disgusted”, “enter with your right leg”, “meeting by coincidence could be better than a thousand meetings”. It may be ordinary funny statements, such as: “smile, smiling in your brother’s face is an act of charity”, “life is difficult, where shall we go?” It also may be ridiculous statements of academic situations, like: “student with a miserable life”,” go out, I cannot study”.
  • It can be photos from movies, songs or plays where the most famous and funny sentences are written, all this aim to a funny communication.




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