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buying a new computerConnect an external drive

When disk space runs out on your computer, and when it does not have space to temporarily save and share data while you’re working on files, your device starts to slow down or starts to crash regularly, and you do not have any space left to save anything new.You can then connect an external drive to alleviate this problem.Some portable drives pull power completely through a USB connection, and most importantly, they do not occupy much space, while some large storage drives with a capacity of 6-8 terabytes are usually larger and heavier than mobile options, but provide read times Write faster.If you want to reduce these reading and writing times, do not use (HDD) and make SSD your choice, but you have to pay for that extra speed.Regardless of which drive you chose, make sure that it has the correct connections and cables to connect to the computer.Once you have chosen the portable disk, the upgrade process will be easy. When you connect the new drive to the computer, the operating system will automatically recognize the device and help you set it up.This process is different for Windows and MacOS, but both systems offer help with troubleshooting.As you connect your new drive, you can transfer your video files, photos, music, and other files to your new device, freeing up space on your primary hard drive to run your computer efficiently.

Upgrade your cloud storage

You can transfer most of your files to the cloud storage service.Many of these services allow you to delete local copies of the file as soon as you move the original to the cloud, which provides plenty of space on the hard drive of the old device, and it will also facilitate the transfer of your files when you decide to buy a new computer in the future from the cloud to the new computer directly.You can choose from many cloud storage services including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and iCloud. Your choices depend on the type of operating system you are running, whether Apple or Windows, how many files you want to store in the cloud, how much you want to pay for those spaces.Although these cloud storage services offer some free space, you do not get much before you have to start paying.For a price, the exact cost depends on how much space you want to buy.

Add an internal hard drive

buying a new computer

As mentioned earlier, freeing up hard drive space is great for working your computer efficiently, but the external hard drive is not the only solution.If you want to add an internal drive, and you have some Geeks experiences, you can install a second internal hard drive in your computer.This process is more technical and time-consuming, but it is more efficient and practical.Before you begin, be aware that whenever you tamper with the device, you need to back up your data safely before you start.This process will not work on all computers. You’ll need a device with a second drive, excluding laptops and integrated devices like Apple’s iMacs.When you go to market your new internal hard drive, make sure that your choice is compatible with your computer and its model, as with external hard drives, you should also consider whether you prefer a slower HDD drive, or a faster and more expensive SSD drive.Once you have the new drive, follow the installation process with the same basic directory that comes with it.Place an anti-static belt on your wrist, turn off and disconnect the computer, and open the chassis. You should see an additional drive slot underneath the original drive where the new device can enter, and finally connect the data and power cables.

Add more RAM

RAM is the area of “thinking” for your computer.This type of memory is used to accommodate data for currently open applications.When your RAM has too much to do, your computer’s speed can be reduced to respond.To prevent this problem from occurring, install additional RAM.As an initial step, you should look at the amount of RAM included in your computer type and how much it can be added. This upgrade works better on desktops that have a larger capacity with more physical memory space.However, some laptops allow you to add RAM.As with the internal hard drive, you should remember to back up your data before you start, and look for an online directory of your computer and model.When you are ready to install RAM, you will start the same way to install the internal hard drive; wear an antistatic belt, turn off your device, disconnect it from the power supply, follow your guide to find the correct slots in the computer case, and connect the new RAM module.

Add a new graphics card

If your current computer is based on a built-in graphics card, you may experience difficulties in tasks such as games, images, or video editing, even playing large videos can slow down.To enhance its performance, connect a new graphics card.Like the second internal hard drive, this upgrade is only an option for desktop computers which are larger and have expansion ports for new cards.As a first step, give a peek inside your computer components and check for a backup expansion slot on the motherboard – to help understand your computer components Look for its model online – If you can’t find an expansion slot, you will not be able to add this upgrade.Depending on how you use the computer, you may not need a high-quality card, although players and e-coins focus on expensive devices, anyone else can pick up slightly older cards, they are still respectable at reasonable prices.In other words, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to make your computer significantly better at rendering complex graphics on the screen.For more details, try to find a directory that matches your computer type.Before you are ready to insert the new card – as with the other internal promotions mentioned above – you will need to put the electrostatic wrist strap on, turn off the computer entirely and disconnect it, open the case and insert the graphics card into the correct expansion port then connect the computer to the power supply.


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