Artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence

Information on artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a simulation of the human brain in the performance of some of its complex functions of acquiring information from the surrounding medium and linking it to specific conclusions related to a particular order. The simulation is done using computers and various machines. It is a branch of computer science that is concerned with the creation of intelligent machines and devices.


Robot is one of the areas where artificial intelligence has entered. The robot is a mechanical device designed to perform human work in general. The invention of modern robots has led to the emergence of innumerable devices and machines that replace the work of individuals. It is worth mentioning that most robots are built on software to work independently of direct human control, and the term is also used for vehicles and other machines that are remotely controlled by the human operator.

Software development

Artificial intelligence led to the development of software, for example, chess programs on computers. In 1948, British mathematician Alan Turing developed the chess algorithm, using mathematical software. Ten years later, American mathematician Claude Shannon developed an algorithm for playing Chess by two people on a computer, this software calculates all possible moves for each player and the consequences to the maximum extent possible for moves.

Other areas of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has entered into infinite applications and domains.

  • Development of computer applications in medical diagnosis in clinics and hospitals.
  • Developing the search mechanism on the computer via the Internet. Development of stock trading systems.
  • Development of cognitive simulations, using computers to test theories about how the human mind works and its functions, such as recognizing familiar faces and activating memory.
  • Invent vehicles and aircraft that can operate alone without a commander.
  • Development of video games has become more detailed and simulated reality than the old games.
  • Develop language learning applications by answering some questions with pre-programmed answers.

Artificial intelligence fears

Fear of the elimination of the human race, for example the reference of the famous physicist Stephen Hawking that the development of full artificial intelligence may cause the annihilation of the human race, and warned of the ability of these machines to redesign themselves in the long term, Microsoft president Gates expressed his desire to remain robots stupid to some extent.


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