Arabic Search Engines

Written by Omnia Radwan

Search Engines are one of the most important options on the web, they are computer programs especially designed to help people use the Internet to find documents and information stored on them. The search engines were designed to search for information and books that were used in old libraries.Flight Deals?

A database is created that contains all the indexes and information graded according to a specific system. Currently, there are many worlds and Arabic search engines, the most famous search engine is “Google”, then comes second the search engine “Yahoo”, and many other search engines.Search flights with Skyscanner

Arabic search engines

· Moheet: It is one of the most famous search engines in the Arab world. It is designed in a way similar to the work of the global search engines. It contains the most accurate rankings on the level of Arab search engines. It covers the news periodically, accurately and comprehensivelyFly for less with Skyscanner

·        Fahares: It is a huge content, contains a comprehensive guide in Arabic, includes many ratings be interesting for the pioneers of the Internet in a smooth and good way, contains an educational corner, and a large number of free software applications, and a lot of information and public services.

· The Saha: It is a search engine that specializes more accurately in all the events in the Arab and Islamic worlds. It includes many subjects in science, religion, and literature. It also includes a forum where valuable Arab intellectual dialogues take place.EASILY BOOK, TRACK, AND ORGANIZE GROUND TRANSPORTATION

· Ayna: It is one of the most important Arabic research sections, where the information is classified according to topics. It is very similar to international search engines. It is generally interested in news and news sites and is particularly interested in the information technology news.

· Arabs gate: It is a research engine that cares about universities, cultural clubs, Arabic publishing houses, and its publications, and focuses on the interests of Arab families, personal sites and ways to protect against hackers.

· Kenoz: an Arab information portal, which includes many topics related to medicine, fitness, sports and health, and contains a lot of public and cultural information in many and diverse topics, and interested in various sciences, drawing, photography, and providing advice and guidance.

· Arabs gate: It is an Arabic search portal that contains a strong Arab engine, offers a wide range of possibilities, and is subject to many standards concerning the Arabic language and its presentation according to the correct rules.Premium Quality Web Hosting

· Almasar network: A search engine has many categories including many Islamic religious and Arabic sites, as well as personal pages, poetry, literature, education, culture and it offers advertising service.

· Al Sahl: this search engine contains several important sites chosen as per its importance. at its classification and displaying information, it uses the same displaying way used in global search engines, in addition to providing news service.Cheap Flights, Discount Flight Tickets on skytrolly



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