The name of Andalusia refers to habituation and coexistence found between the Arabs and the Amazigh at that time. Andalusia is an Islamic region and civilization that was founded in the Iberian peninsula, now known as the Spanish and Portuguese states and it stretched at the height of its glory and strength to the southern French Titania, which was during the eighth century AD.

It was opened by the Muslims in 711 AD, about 80 years after the death of our master Muhammad – peace be upon him – and was opened under the leadership of Tariq ibn Ziyad, but fell from the hands of Muslims in 1492 after the fall of the Kingdom of Granada.

Conquest of Andalusia

The story of the conquest of Andalusia started when Moussa Ben Nusair sent the young leader Tarqa Ben Ziad from Tangier in northern Morocco with a small army of Berbers and Arabs across the Straits of Mount Ben Tariq, who carried his name ever since. The army of Muslims consisting of Arabs, Amazighs and Africans fought battles on the Spanish border until And continued the expansion of Muslims to reach Portugal and the northernmost of Spain.

After the centuries of the fall of Andalusia, Muslims lived in different regions and hid their Islam there until the Spanish set up search courts to search for and kill Muslims. Historical exploits still bear witness to the fact that the Islamic civilization in Andalusia has not only fallen politically. Historical exploits remain a testimony to the power of Muslims and the splendor of Islamic civilization such as the Red Palace in the city of Granada, the Mosque of Andalusia in Malaga, the Palace of Jaafariya and the Mosque of Cordoba.

The end of Islamic civilization

The Islamic civilization began to weaken after the battles of retaliation with the crusader armies. And only left In Andalusia, after the defeat of the Muslims in the battle of Ekab of the Islamic cities, only the Kingdom of Granada and the state of Seville, After the centuries of steadfastness, the Crusader armies exterminated the Muslims and exterminated them and drove them out of Andalusia. Many think that the Crusaders’ armies would exterminate the Muslims in the city of Granada and the province of Seville. That Muslims invaded Spain and Portugal.

But the truth is that the original landowners declared their Islam and mingled with the Arabs and the Amazighs, to intertwine with this rich Andalusian society, embracing all cultures and religions as never before in any other society, which the West witnessed before the Muslims.

And as evidence of the strength of Islamic civilization and the extent of influence in the region of Andalusia, and researchers in the Spanish culture that the Arabic vocabulary that entered the Spanish language estimated 30 percent of the contents of the Spanish dictionary, even Spanish music is originally a mixture of Andalusian poetry and Arabic poetry, More than eight centuries of Islamic history, When Andalusia fell, the Muslim force fell as well



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