A look at purchases through Bing search results


purchases through BingOnline search engines seek to develop their search results for users and researchers and at the same time provide more resources to help them find what they are looking for and at the same time generate more profits for search engines.As one of those electronic engines, Bing is the case, and this is what Microsoft’s efforts have recently demonstrated.Well, it’s known that shopping on the internet is becoming increasingly popular, even the Arab user has become a big online buyer for the quality of the products, and their price is fairly low compared to the traditional stores that offer the latest products only after a period and at a higher price than normal.And that’s what you know. Microsoft recently announced its search engine update to show the possibility of buying products through the results pages it provides to searchers, but how? Good question we will get to know the answer in the coming lines.When you are now looking at the Bing engine for the Canon EOS-D camera, the search results page you get will be free of any options to buy that camera.Well, the question is: How will the page become in the future? The answer is that it will include more options, especially the store ads that provide that camera, as well as the camera’s information and features on the right side, with its overall rating based on reviews published by specialized sites, and most importantly, the page also includes product images. The same, which once you press one to get its search results, which apply to the same new elements.So overall there are benefits that Microsoft seeks to provide through this update:

  • First facilitate online shopping, providing the best stores that users can buy the most important product for them at the best possible price.
  • Increase the traffic on the Bing engine, which suggests through the images listed on the top of those pages similar products, and whenever it is pressed it means more searches and users stay on the engine as long as possible and thus progress within the global standard of quality of services and Web sites.
  • Provide a lot of options for users about what they are looking for and help them to get the best sites that offer that product with better commercial
  • Increase visitor traffic to commercial sites and shopping sites that provide these products, especially those spent on ads in Bing
  • Raise Microsoft’s earnings from Bing through advertisements that are displayed above the results and below the left side of the results pages.

purchases through Bing

So who owns sites to sell and provide products and tools will have to focus more on Bing by spending on advertising and improving the results of his search, in the hope that the new update for all users in the coming months, and this is due to more profits and sales, without forgetting the need to be. The best products at the best possible prices to raise competitiveness and increase the demand.

Bottom line: We can say that Microsoft is bent on competing with Google in online shopping based on search results.



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